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We love helping Yuma auto and homeowner Insurance clients save money!

If you live in Yuma you may find your insurance choices slim compared to a larger city like Phoenix. Yet, when you work with an independent insurance agency that can shop auto, home, life and business insurance you can receive the same or similar opportunities to save money as those counterparts in the metro areas.

As an insurance broker we are not limited by geography. By phone, fax or email you and I can communicate to get you a quote through top rated and top ranked insurance carriers.

You can find low cost insurance by calling our office or completing the quote form located on this page. We will shop your rate with many nationally known and nationally recognized carriers like Progressive, MetLife, Hartford, Kemper, AAA, Travelers and others.

We likely can save you money with one simple phone call or email.

There is no obligation for the quote, which is free. If you can cut your insurance costs by up to 35% you may be able to save hundreds of dollars per year. Everyone can use a few extra dollars in their budget these days.

There are roughly 94,000 people in Yuma. The city has a long and interesting history too. Native American tribes originally lived in the area. Other settlers came during the 1800’s and found its location to the Colorado river an excellent spot to form a colony. Yuma was even the county seat for the state of Arizona at one time. To some extent it is amazing the city flourished as it’s considered one of the hottest places in the country to live. Back in 1995 the temperatures reached 124 degrees. Yes, that is hot enough to fry an egg.

Yuma is an entry point for those entering California or Arizona. If you plan on traveling through the city check ahead for any potential fairs or trade shows that may be going on. Because the city is not huge in comparison to places like Tucson or Phoenix insurance rates can be very competitive for auto insurance. However, for homeowner insurance one of the driving factors in a rate is the age of the home. We have carriers who will insure an older home but you may pay a little more. The insurance carriers figure that age can impact pipes, a roof, and the overall home structure.

For auto insurance we can help if you have a perfect driving record or have tickets or even a DUI. For the homeowner insurance we can insure new homes and older homes. We insure primary homes, seasonal/vacation homes and rental properties, as well as condos and duplex’s.

Back to insurance – please call or email our office today. The quote is FREE and there is no obligation.

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