Tucson Auto & Home Insurance

We offer low cost rates on Tucson auto and homeowner insurance by comparing rates among leading and top rated insurance carriers, such as Hartford, Progressive, Unitrin, Infinity, Badger Mutual. We may be able to cut your insurance costs by up to 35%. For some clients that means you can lower your premiums by hundreds of dollars per year.

Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona and continues to show great population growth. Besides Phoenix, Tucson has been one of the fastest growing cities in the United States over the past twenty years. When it comes to auto insurance, the increase in population and traffic as well as the number of people in and around Tucson may cause some insurance carriers to increase their rates. It is not simply a matter of more cars on the road and more accidents. When the population increases we usually see an increase in other types of claims, such as car thefts and vandalism claims.

If you ever know or hear about fraud it is a good idea to report it because fraud increases the rates for everyone.

When you are looking for low cost auto and homeowner insurance we will help you find a top rated Tucson insurance carrier that offers low rates. We do not shop insurance with every carrier but will look at a number of carriers on your behalf.

Do you own your home? If yes, let us give you a free, no obligation quote. We can usually complete the quote the same day and even email it to you. This allows you to review the quote. If you have questions we welcome them. There are different types of home insurance that covers primary homes, rental properties, and seasonal/secondary residences. Every one of these provide coverage for your property.

If you own rental property, please give us an opportunity to quote with one of our top rated carriers. We have carriers offerings very competitive rates for rentals in addition to the typical primary home and seasonal residence. Some of our clients live out of state or in Canada and own seasonal/vacation homes in Tucson. If you do, please consider allowing us to quote your insurance. It is our understanding that not every carrier will offer insurance for a client who lives outside Arizona or in Canada.

Our auto insurance Tucson companies can provide competitive rates if you have a perfectly clean record or have a few driving blemishes. Some are even happy to provide auto insurance if you have multiple citations or a DUI. Don’t worry – there is no obligation to receive a free, quick quote so call us today.

Tucson has a rich history. For a long time it belonged to Mexico. Then it was considered a part of New Mexico. Arizona was eventually designated a territory and was placed here. Tucson was even the center of the state for awhile before the population growth in Phoenix. Over a half million residents now live in Tucson. It is the home of the University of Arizona and its loyal wildcat fans. If you ever get the chance attend a home U of A football or basketball game. The basketball team is known nationally as one of the top programs.

Do you want to pay less for your Tucson auto and home insurance? Simple call our office today or complete the easy quote form!

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