Auto Insurance for Uber Drivers

Are you thinking about driving for Uber? If yes, you need to make sure your insurance company covers you. Not every insurance company automatically covers you or your vehicle in the event you are involved in an accident while engaging in a ride sharing type of job, such as Uber.

We do.

If you are driving for Uber, or thinking about it, make sure you ask your insurance company if they cover you. Auto insurance for Uber drivers is mandatory. Yet, more importantly than meeting Uber’s strict guidelines to becoming a driver, you need to make sure you are in compliance with your own auto insurance carrier. Failure to properly insure yourself can leave you severely exposed to great financial risk.

For an auto insurance for Uber quote, contact our office. Be sure to tell us you drive for Uber or Lyft and we will add the ride sharing endorsement to your quote.

For a quote, please call (480) 659-0229 or email:

Homeowner Insurance in 85233

Want to save money on your homeowner insurance in 85233? Contact us for a quote and save money!

Gilbert Arizona is a great place to live. Ask anyone and the chances are you will find a person who cannot imagine living anywhere else. You will find beautifully built homes in well managed neighborhoods and homes with gorgeous red tile roofs.

Crime is relatively low and the streets are safe compared to most communities. It was ranked as one of the top 25 safest communities in the United States. CNN Money Magazine rated it as one of the best places to live. The schools are really good. They have lakes. Good food. Ample shopping. It’s mostly residential so you have less commercial traffic and construction.

Guess what? Insurance carriers know all of this information too. We have insurance carriers who LOVE Gilbert and frequently give us great rates on homeowner insurance in 85233.

Gilbert has grown over the years. From a sleepy farming community into the 1960’s and 1970’s to a booming residential community from the 1980’s to now. Census estimates say the population in Gilbert is now around 230,000. About 39% of the adult residents hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Median household income is roughly $80,000.

What is their not to love if you are an insurance carrier offering homeowner insurance in 85233.

The town can trace its roots to a man named William “Bobby” Gilbert who provided land to the Arizona Eastern Railroad so they could construct a rail line from Phoenix to Florence. Ayer’s Grocery Store was founded in 1910 and became the town’s first post office as well. Eventually, the post office moved to a spot east of Gilbert road where it remains to this day.

The town of Gilbert was incorporated in 1920 and was known as the Hay Capital of the World. For many years in the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s Gilbert was the fastest or one of the fastest growing towns in the country.

If you own a home in Gilbert or are thinking of moving to Gilbert, please get a quote for your homeowner insurance in 85233. We work with leading and highly rated insurance providers. We shop and compare those rates to help you save money.

I hope to save you money!
Gary Brown, Insurance Agent and Broker
(480) 659-0229

Homeowner Insurance in Arizona for Canadians

Our good friends up north are buying a lot of homes in Arizona. And who can blame them? With incredible prices for homes throughout Arizona now is the best time to buy a home – whether you live in AZ or not.

If you are a Canadian resident and you are searching for low cost insurance let us help. We have many clients from all over Canada and we help them find LOW rates on homeowner insurance.

Some of the homeowner policies that we have found for our Canadian clients are as low as $400 – $600 or so per year. Obviously, most insurance carriers give a lower rate for new homes. As a home ages the homeowner insurance premium tends to go up. Arizona is one of the most popular destinations for Canadian residents. They come here buying homes and looking for Canadian insurance in Arizona> to protect their investment. Some buy vehicles.

To service our Canadian clients we shop Arizona insurance with top ranked and top rated insurance carriers. Are you already a homeowner who wants to shop around for new insurance? Or, are you buying a home and need home insurance in Arizona?

We offer great rates on Home Insurance in Arizona by shopping and comparing rates with leading and top rated insurance carriers. There is no obligation and the quotes are free and easy.

Even if you are an Arizona resident who needs Home Insurance in Arizona or live outside Arizona (Canada or California for example) and you are buying a home in Arizona, we can assist you in finding low cost homeowner insurance.

Clients in Canada and around the U.S.

We have many clients who live in places like Canada, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota and elsewhere but they own homes in Arizona as seasonal / second residences or as rental, investment properties.

Need to insure your primary home? Rental Property? Vacation/Seasonal Home?

Let us handle your Home Insurance in Arizona and you will find our rates to be extremely competitive.

Do you need Rural Metro?

If you buy home insurance outside Maricopa or any other town outside a major city, be sure to check into the fire department coverage available. Some smaller communities in Arizona do not have a fully staffed fire department. Instead, they often rely on private service from companies like Rural Metro Fire Dept.

Playing around with your fire protection service is dangerous. If your town has no official fire dept and you choose not to subscribe to a service like Rural Metro, you could be potentially on the hook for major costs should your home catch on fire.

In areas where Rural Metro is the available service it is my understanding that they will still reply to your call for help. However, if you are a non-subscriber they will bill you a ton of money per hour their services are used. And these costs are not covered by your insurance policy.

If you want a quote for your primary home, vacation-seasonal home, or rental property please contact me. We offer rates through a variety of top ranked and top rated insurance carriers.

Our goal is to save you money while providing with a top insurance provider.
It’s been amazing watching the number of our northern neighbors buy homes in Arizona. And who can blame them? Arizona home prices are probably half price of what they sold for just a few years ago.

According to the National Association of Realtors Canadian residents were the # 1 foreign buyers of U.S. properties in 2009. And my hunch is they will again lead the pack in 2010.

What do I have to say about that, you might ask. Welcome to Arizona, Mr. and Mrs. Canadian resident. We welcome you!!

It’s not uncommon for Canadians to pay 3x or 4x the price in their own country, so why wouldn’t they invest in a home that will likely appreciate in the future and offers them a great place to vacation.

IF YOU ARE A CANADIAN AND NEED HOME INSURANCE – please contact us for a quote. We shop with a number of leading and top rated insurance carriers to find great rates.

As an independent insurance agent and broker, I am pretty lucky. My job allows me to contract with various insurance carriers and offer insurance to clients through many different insurance companies.

Which brings me to the subject of offering vacation home insurance in Arizona.

Some people call for a quote but live out of state. Not every insurance company wants to insure a home when the owner lives far away. Yet, there are insurance companies that are ok with that risk.

If you are buying a vacation or 2nd home and need, please contact us for a quote. We can insure single family dwellings, condo’s and townhomes.
Over the past two years we have received quite a few calls and emails from Canadian residents buying a home in Arizona. Usually the home being purchased will be used as a vacation home or 2nd home.

We are very grateful that so many of our neighbors to the north are buying homes here. It helps our economy tremendously. And knowing they own homes in Arizona will virtually ensure they spend time and money here. So welcome to all you Canadian citizens who are buying your Arizona vacation home and Arizona 2nd home.

We also help with those buying homes in Arizona for investment purposes as rental properties.

If you live outside of Arizona, even in Canada, and are buying a home in Arizona please contact us for a great rate on your insurance.

Homeowner Insurance for Canadians

Are you a Canadian resident who owns a home in Arizona? Let us help you find low cost homeowner insurance for Canadians.

Why make 5, 10 or 15 calls yourself. Call your local independent insurance agent and let them shop around for you. While the Arizona economy continues to slowly move ahead, one area of growth is the number of Canadian residents buying homes in Arizona.

Let me be the first to say “Thank You” to all those in Canada and elsewhere who buy vacation / seasonal homes in Arizona. While we know you are only here a short time throughout the year we also realize you could choose to vacation elsewhere. So, we appreciate you selecting Arizona as a destination by purchasing a home here.

If you are a Canadian resident and buying a single family dwelling or condo as a vacation / seasonal home, or as a rental property, please contact us for a quote. We work with a variety of top rated and top ranked insurance companies that offer great rates for homes, condos and townhomes.

Need Arizona Homeowner Insurance for Canadians? Get a free, no obligation quote.

A career as an Independent Insurance Agent is about as good as it gets – if you work in the insurance industry you understand. We get to help clients save money by shopping around on their behalf to find them lower rates on auto, home and life insurance. One of the best features to this business is that we can shop for our clients with multiple insurance carriers. We are not stuck on quoting and writing insurance with one carrier.

Compare that with a captive insurance agent – an agent who can only offer and sell insurance with one primary insurance carrier (like State Farm, Farmers or Allstate). Those are good carriers and the agents are great. But when you want to save money on insurance would you rather an agent who can give you one quote or an agent who can shop insurance with 10 or 12 different carriers?

Who do we shop insurance with? We have several well-known companies, like MetLife Auto & Home, Progressive, Travelers Insurance and The Hartford. We also have lots of lesser known insurance carriers like Badger Mutual, Universal North America, Fidelity, Foremost, Unitrin, Mapfre and GMAC Insurance.

How many times has an insurance carrier raised your rates enough to cause you to shop around for a new company? It’s not only a new insurance carrier you have to find but a new insurance agent too.

When you buy insurance with an Arizona Independent Insurance Agent you do not have to change agents because we shop around and find the new, lower insurance carrier on your behalf.

So the next time you want to save money on your insurance, give us a try. We not only shop and compare insurance for you but you can take comfort that if rates do change we will do the re-shopping for you too. Our loyalty is to you!

Buying Arizona Insurance from an Independent Insurance Agent and Broker is smart. Save up to 35% on your Arizona Insurance premiums – Auto, Home, Life and Business.

I receive calls all the time from people seeking low cost insurance from a broker. Usually they ask for car or home insurance and usually their current insurance carrier has raised rates.

Most people are surprised when they learn that we do not shop insurance with only ONE carrier. We represent a large number of top rated and top ranked insurance companies like MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford and others. These “A” rated carriers often have very competitive rates.

Why do we have such success finding clients great rates?

The answer is – because we are an Independent Insurance Broker. Most insurance agents are tied to one carrier. They can only quote and write insurance with one company (like State Farm, Farmers and Allstate). Not us. We shop insurance with many companies and this gives us and our clients a sizeable advantage.

If you get one quote from one agent or up to 14 quotes from another who has the best chance to find a lower rate? Of course, it is the independent insurance agent and broker.

The next time you receive your auto insurance or home insurance renewal – call us for a quote. You may be surprised at how much we can save you.
As an independent insurance agent I firmly believe we offer much better value than carriers who do not belong in this group.

We can shop with multiple insurance carriers for our clients. If a rate with one carrier rises, we can reshop for them elsewhere. The client can maintain their existing relationships, which they often value greatly. The agent is allowed the opportunity to find a better or similar rate for their client.

Non-independent agencies usually cannot shop around for their clients. So when rates go up the client is forced to shop once again and forge a brand new relationship elsewhere with an unknown quantity.

There are approximately 37,500 independent insurance agencies in the U.S. with a total employment around 300,000.

Arizona Homeowner Advice & Tips

Before the real estate crash, we occasionally would receive phone calls from clients questioning whether their home was under-insured. The reason? They had purchased it for a much higher amount than what it was being insured for. They figured it should at least be insured for the purchase price.

Now, several years into the recession and amid a severe housing slump, clients are calling asking if we are insuring their home for too much. Are we over-insuring their home, they want to know. The reason? Home prices have fallen dramatically up to 40% or more in some areas and read about slumping home values.

When considering your home insurance, be sure to not confuse how much a home is bought or sold for versus what it takes to rebuild a home from scratch in an emergency situation (such as a total fire loss).

Typically our carriers provide very decent coverage on homes, often much more than what a client has paid for it and higher than many other carriers we encounter. While clients may wonder if we are providing too much coverage, the bigger issue is what happens if you are under-insured.

And no doubt we occasionally run into carriers who are willing to insure homes for substantially less than what we do. Can they really rebuild a home for much less coverage than our carriers? Or are they low-balling the coverage to obtain the business? Who is right?

According to a March 15, 2011 article in the Wall Street Journal (online), Marshall – Swift believes that upwards of 2/3 of all homes are UNDER-insured. Marshall -Swift is the company responsible for determining how much a home should be insured for. Their service is used by many insurance companies.

According to Xactware, a company that tracks trends in the property insurance and construction business, the cost of building materials rose sharply in 2008. Now with gas prices up to nearly $4 a gallon in many parts of the country, the cost to deliver building materials is rising as well.

If you believe your home is under-insured or over-insured feel free to speak with your agent. But the bigger issue is whether or not your home is under-insured. In the event of a claim a home that is insured for less than what it takes to rebuild will leave you very dissatistified.

Over-Insuring Homes?

I received an email from a client who was looking at buying a single family dwelling for a rental property. We ran the quote and emailed it. The client emailed back wondering whether we were over-insuring the home.

It is a question that probably every insurance agent has received.

Before the real estate crash there were clients who thought we were under-insuring homes. If they were paying $325,000 but we were insuring for $275,000 they believed we were not adequatly insuring the dwelling. Now that they are paying $150,000 and we are insuring for $275,000 they believe we are placing waaay too much coverage on the dwelling.

It is easy to confuse the two points, perhaps. However, whatever you buy or sell a home for has little to do with the cost of rebuilding that home.

PLUS, there are coverage on a home that have nothing to do with the dwelling itself. A home policy covers your personal property. The home policy pays to clean debris away. It protects you against claims made for liability or medical reasons. It provides money for you to live elsewhere if that home is unliveable. Or, reimburses you if a tenant moves out and you need reimbursed for lost rents.

While no one wants to overpay for their insurance, the fact is everyone wants their home put back like new if it is damaged or destroyed. To that end, you are welcome to ask questions and even question the coverage being placed on your home. However, the end result is that you AND your insurance company wants to see you made whole again if the worst happens with your home.

If you want a quote on Arizona Home Insurance, please contact us today!

Filing Homeowner Insurance Claims

When we buy insurance of any kind there is a premium/cost to us as consumers. All we really ask in return is that the company providing the coverage do their part when there is a claim. And for the most part insurance carriers do a pretty good job handling claims (in my opinion) overall.

But what is often not understood is the repercussion of filing multiple homeowner claims.

In Arizona, insurance carriers commonly non-renew Arizona home insurance policies that have two (2) or more claims within a 5 year period.

One simple piece of advice can save you alot of grief.

Carry a high deductible on your home insurance policy and avoid the temptation of filing a small claim. One person reportedly had a water claim a few years back. Then, a couple years later believed they had been the victim of a theft and called the insurance carrier only to discover the item missing was not missing afterall.

Even though this person tried to cancel their “theft” claim it was too late. The insurance carrier already had reported it to the claims loss underwriting exchange. Now for the world to see they had two claims on their record.

The result? The client was non-renewed for having two claims within a 5 year period. When they shop for new home insurance the rate will likely be substantially more due to their claims history.

Be careful filing small claims. And be especially careful filing two home insurance claims within a 5 year period.