Homeowner Insurance in Arizona for Canadians

Our good friends up north are buying a lot of homes in Arizona. And who can blame them? With incredible prices for homes throughout Arizona now is the best time to buy a home – whether you live in AZ or not.

If you are a Canadian resident and you are searching for low cost insurance let us help. We have many clients from all over Canada and we help them find LOW rates on homeowner insurance.

Some of the homeowner policies that we have found for our Canadian clients are as low as $400 – $600 or so per year. Obviously, most insurance carriers give a lower rate for new homes. As a home ages the homeowner insurance premium tends to go up. Arizona is one of the most popular destinations for Canadian residents. They come here buying homes and looking for Canadian insurance in Arizona> to protect their investment. Some buy vehicles.

To service our Canadian clients we shop Arizona insurance with top ranked and top rated insurance carriers. Are you already a homeowner who wants to shop around for new insurance? Or, are you buying a home and need home insurance in Arizona?

We offer great rates on Home Insurance in Arizona by shopping and comparing rates with leading and top rated insurance carriers. There is no obligation and the quotes are free and easy.

Even if you are an Arizona resident who needs Home Insurance in Arizona or live outside Arizona (Canada or California for example) and you are buying a home in Arizona, we can assist you in finding low cost homeowner insurance.

Clients in Canada and around the U.S.

We have many clients who live in places like Canada, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota and elsewhere but they own homes in Arizona as seasonal / second residences or as rental, investment properties.

Need to insure your primary home? Rental Property? Vacation/Seasonal Home?

Let us handle your Home Insurance in Arizona and you will find our rates to be extremely competitive.

Do you need Rural Metro?

If you buy home insurance outside Maricopa or any other town outside a major city, be sure to check into the fire department coverage available. Some smaller communities in Arizona do not have a fully staffed fire department. Instead, they often rely on private service from companies like Rural Metro Fire Dept.

Playing around with your fire protection service is dangerous. If your town has no official fire dept and you choose not to subscribe to a service like Rural Metro, you could be potentially on the hook for major costs should your home catch on fire.

In areas where Rural Metro is the available service it is my understanding that they will still reply to your call for help. However, if you are a non-subscriber they will bill you a ton of money per hour their services are used. And these costs are not covered by your insurance policy.

If you want a quote for your primary home, vacation-seasonal home, or rental property please contact me. We offer rates through a variety of top ranked and top rated insurance carriers.

Our goal is to save you money while providing with a top insurance provider.
It’s been amazing watching the number of our northern neighbors buy homes in Arizona. And who can blame them? Arizona home prices are probably half price of what they sold for just a few years ago.

According to the National Association of Realtors Canadian residents were the # 1 foreign buyers of U.S. properties in 2009. And my hunch is they will again lead the pack in 2010.

What do I have to say about that, you might ask. Welcome to Arizona, Mr. and Mrs. Canadian resident. We welcome you!!

It’s not uncommon for Canadians to pay 3x or 4x the price in their own country, so why wouldn’t they invest in a home that will likely appreciate in the future and offers them a great place to vacation.

IF YOU ARE A CANADIAN AND NEED HOME INSURANCE – please contact us for a quote. We shop with a number of leading and top rated insurance carriers to find great rates.

As an independent insurance agent and broker, I am pretty lucky. My job allows me to contract with various insurance carriers and offer insurance to clients through many different insurance companies.

Which brings me to the subject of offering vacation home insurance in Arizona.

Some people call for a quote but live out of state. Not every insurance company wants to insure a home when the owner lives far away. Yet, there are insurance companies that are ok with that risk.

If you are buying a vacation or 2nd home and need, please contact us for a quote. We can insure single family dwellings, condo’s and townhomes.
Over the past two years we have received quite a few calls and emails from Canadian residents buying a home in Arizona. Usually the home being purchased will be used as a vacation home or 2nd home.

We are very grateful that so many of our neighbors to the north are buying homes here. It helps our economy tremendously. And knowing they own homes in Arizona will virtually ensure they spend time and money here. So welcome to all you Canadian citizens who are buying your Arizona vacation home and Arizona 2nd home.

We also help with those buying homes in Arizona for investment purposes as rental properties.

If you live outside of Arizona, even in Canada, and are buying a home in Arizona please contact us for a great rate on your insurance.