Buy a car on black Friday

Here is a tip for NEXT year!

According to a recent report, statistics indicate that if you are going to buy a vehicle your best time is – Black Friday.

So instead of shopping for that big screen television or washer/dryer, consider buying your car on Black Friday and save money.

On every other day of the year the average person pays 4.7% under the stated sticker price. On Black Friday the average discount is 7.5%. Car dealerships see the buying frenzy each year and they too are trying to pry your money away by giving a better discount that day than on any other day of the year.

The other reason for good deals on Black Friday? It is year end and dealers are hoping to clear the current models to make way for the next season’s models.

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Our Aging Population

If Paul Revere were alive he may be found driving along our neighborhoods shouting “the baby boomers are coming”.

Next year the first wave of baby boomers begin hitting the ripe age of retirement. That means America is entering a phase where automakers will have to keep in mind an older generation when it comes to car making.

By the year 2020 it is estimated over 15% of our population will be age 65 or older.

Here are some concerns for car makers:

Older drivers tend to drive less. That means cars will last longer.
Driving less means fewer repairs.
Older drivers tend to have fewer cars in their driveway.
Older drivers like nicer vehicles but tend to buy smaller vehicles.

These and other factors will put more pressure on U.S. car makers to keep up profits. Expect more auto makers from the United States and elsewhere to focus more and more on markets like China and India.

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Detroit Auto Show

As the annual Detroit Auto Show opens on Saturday (the media has early access) most car makers are ready to show off a variety of new looks and styles.

Chrysler, on the other hand, will have merely one new model to display – Lancia, which is from their Italian counterpart and owner of Fiat. Fiat owns a 20% stake in Chrysler.

Sadly, the automaker has many experts wondering about their future considering their lack of new models and offerings. The Detroit show is a ritual and time of using the media to greatly tout to the general public an automakers vibrant new products. The silence from Chrysler seems to be speaking volumes. Instead of using words like “vibrant” and “turnaround” to describe Chrysler, some are seeing a brand that just may go away.

Ford and General Motors are busy showing off several new vehicles and generating lots of excitement. Both have earned favorable reviews from analysts.

Tips When Buying a Vehicle

These are common mistakes that most of us make or have made when we buy a vehicle. Keep in mind that car sales people are not your friend. Their job is to become your friend as quick as possible to make the deal sweeter for them and the dealership. Also, they sell cars every single day and grow quite good at their job. To assume you can walk into a dealership and compete with their car-negotiation skills is often foolish.

1) Begin with a budget. This includes knowing how much you can afford to pay monthly. And when negotitating price with the sales person also keep in mind that you may have to include the costs into your budget of an extended warranty (if you plan on asking for one) when you sit down with the finance manager. Just because you agree on a monthly payment does not mean your deal is done.

2) Negotiate the “price” of the car, not the monthly payment. You successfully accomplish this by spending time scouring the internet and other advertisements to get a good feel for what specific vehicles and models sell for. If you walk into a dealership without doing your research you likely will over pay big time.

3) Get your financing put into place before you ever set foot onto a dealership. Know the interest rate you qualify for.

4) Contact a dealership via the internet. Almost all dealerships have someone who handles internet inquiries. I’ve actually bought a car that was negotiated entirely through email. When all was said and done I virtually walked into the dealership and signed. There was the matter of meeting the finance person and negotiating the extended warranty, but even that went well.

I hope these tips help you. Consider getting a quote from us the next time you are searching for low cost Arizona insurance.