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Surprise Arizona has been a fast growing city in recent years. Seemingly out of no where the town doubled in size.

We offer low cost auto and home insurance here. If you live in Surprise or are moving here please considering letting us quote your insurance. We can help with your auto insurance and most types of home insurance (rentals, condos, primary homes and seasonal/secondary residences).

If you want to reduce your insurance premiums, we encourage you to call your local independent insurance agent and broker for better rates on your insurance! Why call an independent agent or broker? Because they can compare and shop insurance with multiple carriers at once.

Of course, we would love if you contacted us for a quote. Since 2007 our agency has been shopping and comparing rates with leading and top ranked insurance companies. Some of our clients have saved up to 35% or more.

Contact our office for a quote by completing the online quote form or send me an email and you may be surprised at the lower costs you may receive. We have clients in your area already. The quote is quick and easy. We will compare and shop your Surprise auto and homeowner Insurance with respected and top rated companies like MetLife, Badger Mutual, American Strategic, Hartford, AAA, Progressive and many other carriers.

Surprise is located in the north west corner of the valley, on the other side of Sun City. One of the best parts about Surprise (for me) is the new spring training ballpark that houses the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers. It’s a beautiful stadium and have had the pleasure of attending several games there. I grew up about an hour from Kansas City and always root for the Royals, though it’s a little like being a Cubs fan. You don’t really ever expect the Royals to contend but you root for them nonetheless knowing they do not have the financial resources to compete like some cities.

If you are Texas Rangers fan you have come to expect a contender every year. For a long time the Rangers were a middling team, never competing on a consistent basis. I think they got new management and have done a great job in recent years. If memory serves me correct Nolan Ryan is their general manager. He was one of the best players in the history of the game, at least best pitchers. He was one tough guy.

Spring training is a fun time of year for sports fans in the valley. You are encouraged to visit this stadium and see the sights. Because of all the new population growth Surprise has a very new look and feel. Many of the homes are newer, built in the past decade. That helps with your homeowner insurance. Insurance companies seem to prefer newer homes for their better rates. While the city has grown it still is not congested in the same sense as Phoenix. They could use wider roads in some areas like most valley cities.

The city of Surprise was founded in 1938 by Flora Mae Statler, who dubbed the town with its name because she remarked that it would surprising if it ever amounted to anything. I guess she was wrong. The town is just on the other side of Sun City, a popular retirement community. The population is around 115,000 and like most towns in the valley has experienced rapid growth over the past thirty years. As is the case with most towns in the valley Surprise originally was an agriculture area. It incorporated in 1960.

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