Scottsdale Auto & Home Insurance

Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward receiving low cost rates on your auto and homeowner insurance.

Our firm is an insurance broker serving Scottsdale and all of Arizona. Some call us an independent insurance agency because we are not tied into one specific carrier that we offer our clients. We are able to cut our clients premiums by comparing rates with numerous insurance companies like Progressive, Unitrin, Hartford, Travelers, MetLife and many other top rated rated carriers. This helps you save money but also saves you time as we can shop for you with so many differing companies.

Do you want to pay LESS for your Auto, Home, Life or Business Insurance?

We can help you save money even if you own what some would consider a regular home or even high-end home found in north Scottsdale, or a regular vehicle or expensive vehicle. We offer homeowner insurance to insure primary homes, rental properties, seasonal/vacation homes as well as car insurance for just about any situation. If you want a quote on life insurance, long term care, disability insurance we will refer you to a friend who is a broker for these products.

If you are retired and dissatisfied with your investment portfolio you may be interested to learn more about an immediate annuity. These products can (often) pay out higher than many other types of income producing products. We are not securities licensed, do not offer securities advice and only help with fixed-type investment products. However, we recommend you counsel with a financial planner if you need help with a 401k, IRA or securities product.

Scottsdale is a destination town. It is known world-wide. Visitors from all over the world come and stay here. If you have ever owned a timeshare you would know that Scottsdale is considered a place people want to visit. Perhaps it is partially the weather, part golf, and it close proximity to other attractions. The area just has a reputation for being somewhere you want to be. Old Scottsdale is a very fun place to visit if you are from out of town. They city especially has great golf courses and restaurants. The population of the city is about 215,000, though that has increased over the years dramatically.

Give us a call today if you want a quote on your insurance. We can more than likely help you cut your Scottsdale Insurance costs on your Auto, Home, Life and Business Insurance. Some of our clients have saved hundreds of dollars per year.

Scottsdale is home to a great variety of clients. We have insureds who own expensive homes and we still are able to find them competitive rates. Some clients own more modest homes and we have competitive rates for them too. Our car insurance is quite competitive because you don’t have the massive traffic jams that you see elsewhere. Scottsdale has a lot of upscale areas and higher income residents. They tend to drive more carefully and do the basic upkeep on their homes. That is what insurance companies prefer.

If you live outside Arizona or even in Canada and you are considering buying a home here or moving to the area please let us give you a quote to insure your home or auto. There is no obligation and we never pressure you. Our job is to provide you with a low cost insurance quote and let you decide.

If you want to save money, please contact us today for a quote. Your quote can be completed the same day and there is no obligation!

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