Questions and Answers

Common Insurance Questions

What is an Insurance Broker?

You are probably familiar with a mortgage broker. When applying for a home loan they shop and compare to find you a good interest rate. We do the same for your insurance. Why waste your time calling a dozen companies? Let your Arizona insurance broker shop for you…..Read More

Why you should consider more than just what premium you pay.

Imagine having a claim and then finding out you have insufficient coverage. Cost matters little if you have the wrong or inadequate coverage and a claim occurs…..Read More

Why does my Auto Insurance rate go up even when I have a clean driving record?

We drive careful and are claim-free. Yet, our Arizona auto insurance rate has gone up. I hear this on occasion and its a great question. It is a good idea to understand the various parts of the insurance policy….Read More

I want life insurance but is if affordable?

You have choices when it comes to buying Arizona life insurance. How long do you you need the coverage? How much coverage do you need? Why do you need life insurance? Here are great tips to read in advance of buying life insurance……Read More

I am retired. How do I safely boost my retirement income?

Has there been such a time where there are so few options for retirees? Go conservative and the rates of return are painfully low. Go aggressive and risk monies in our fragile market? There is one option most retirees have never considered. Our lifetime income annuity has a pay out rate up to 9% with no market risk and no fees…..Read More

It seems insurance companies are all the same. How do they differ?

We believe there are differences. But we also believe most of them want to provide you with good service, good prices and a good claims experience. But in reality, some companies do a better job than others. Let us explain how and why …..Read More

What is an Umbrella Policy and do I need it?

Do you own a home, have a good income, investments and assets? If you are in a position of being sued the attorney on the other side will likely request you provide a list of all your assets and finances. Do you want to protect these assets as much as possible? You probably need an umbrella policy……Read More