Privacy Policy

In order to provide insurance or insurance quotes or to review your coverage, needs, risks and serve as your insurance consultant, advisor, agent or broker we need to know about you and members of your household who might be insured through us. We treat all information with confidence at all times.

When someone first requests a quote, we need to determine which company we represents can offer you the best rate and if you qualify for coverage. If you are insured with us we may need information to conduct reviews or evaluate your policies. Reviews can include, but are not limited to, ensuring you are getting the best rate possible, and evaluating your coverage to ensure you are covered at limits that best protect you, drivers license numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers, vehicle information, your family and your assets.

Companies we do business with may need to know about you, your address, age, and other basic information, such as your employment. This information may be used by us or our affiliate companies to evaluate your driving history and/or insurance credit score to ensure you receive the best rate you qualify for.

Most of the information we or our affiliates receive is directly from you. However, it may be necessary or required to verify past insurance with carriers that you have had prior relationships with, or consumer reporting agencies.

By providing your contact information to our company you are giving us permission and authorization to contact you again via email, or any other means, whereby we may solicit you again for insurance or real estate. We also help consumers buy and and sell homes as a licensed realtor.

Consumer reporting agencies may tell us or our affiliates information about you, such as your driving record, financial information (credit reports), claims history, and condition or maintenance of your property.

Some information we receive from you may be obtained from third party companies, which include Internet quote companies that you have contacted to request a quote. These companies will provide us information that you have already provided to them.

We treat all information from all sources confidentially as required by law. The companies we do business with that share your information also abide by similar privacy policies and do their best to protect the privacy of clients. If you are concerned about privacy please contact the companies we do business with to inquire into their privacy policies. We assume no responsibility for the information you provide us that we in turn must provide to our carriers to secure a quote or policy for you.