Prescott Valley Auto & Home Insurance

Do you want to save money on your Prescott Valley auto and home insurance?

We are big fans of the Prescott Valley area. It’s simply beautiful with the openness that the area provides. I can easily understand why people love to live here. Years ago there was a pumpkin festival that we attended with our children. There was a hay ride, live music and craft booths. They sold pumpkins, of course too. It was an amazing experience for the kids. For whatever reason it shut down and seems a big loss for the people who enjoyed it.

Prescott Valley is wide open with views that never seem to end and that helps you feel relaxed. You won’t feel crowded here. It’s one of the traits that make it so special. The people are friendly and have that small town atmosphere. I am from the Midwest and it reminds me of home in the same sense. Of course, Prescott Valley is much more picturesque.

Our firm is called Choice Insurance of Arizona. We are an insurance broker, or sometimes called an independent insurance agency. This means we are able to compare and shop your insurance with many companies like Progressive, The Hartford, Badger Mutual, Commerce West, MetLife and many others. When someone asks us for a quote we don’t just look at one insurance carrier’s rates. We check and shop with several to find the lowest rates we can.

We have been in business since 2007 but I have been licensed in Arizona since 1993. When I left school I had no intention of becoming an insurance agent.

Do you live in Prescott Valley and own a car or home? Let us help you pay less for either or both. We will look around and see if any carriers that we represent can save you money. Are you moving to Prescott Valley? There are alot of people who move to this area to retire. The summers are beautiful and the winters more mild that other places. Then let us help with your homeowner and auto insurance. We don’t mind if you continue shopping around on your own but remember that we can save you tremendous time by our shopping on your behalf.

Do not be surprised if we can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your Prescott Valley auto and home insurance. Some of our clients have saved up to 37%.

Some of our clients have saved up to $500 per year or more on their auto and homeowner insurance. Most carriers give a multi-policy discount if you insure your cars and home with them. Our carriers offer rates that are some of the most affordable in Arizona. Some of that has to do with Prescott Valley. It does not have the traffic issues that a larger city struggles with. Homes are well built.

What is our secret to low cost insurance? We have so many companies that we work with. If we can find you LOW rates on Prescott Valley Insurance and offer you insurance through an A rated insurance carrier would you be open to switching your insurance? That is – only if we can save you money!

You have nothing to lose. Our insurance rates may cut your premiums by up to 37%. In today’s economy and most family budget’s this could equate to saving hundreds per year. The quote is easy and there is no obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gary Brown, Owner
(480) 659-0229