Phoenix Home Insurance

Do you want to pay LESS for Phoenix Home Insurance?

We are an insurance broker and we compare home insurance with a lot of great insurance companies who provide low cost insurance for the city and State of Arizona. These leading home owner insurance carriers work hard to provide competitive rates. But rates can vary from carrier to carrier and why you should contact us for a quote – so we can shop around for you.

Do you have an older home or a new home? It does not matter to us. We can shop around for you to find a top rated homeowner insurance company to offer a competitive rate on your home owner policy. Newer homes generally receive more favorable rates from the insurance company’s. However, as an independent insurance agent and broker I can look around at different carriers to find you a competitive rate. Just contact me!

Our insurance companies will insure your home for replacement in case of total loss if you insure your primary home. But they also will insure your home for partial loss – fire or mother nature. In addition your policy will provide protection for your personal belongings if it is your primary home. Keep in mind that rental properties only cover the dwelling itself. Often you can add some nominal coverage to protect certain items you, as owner, provide to your tenants such as appliances.

We offer good rates for homeowner insurance to insure your primary home, your rental property and even seasonal/second residences. We insure condos and offer renters insurance as well. Our agency can help with virtually any type of home insurance that you may need.

Do you live outside Phoenix or even in Canada? No problem. We regularly insure clients who do not live in Arizona but own a home here.

We represent a number of top rated and leading insurance carriers. Not all them do everything however. Some of our companies only insure your primary home and do not insure seasonal/second homes, at least not as stand alone policies. Some carriers require you insure your primary home if you have a 2nd residence. Other carriers offer more flexibility in insuring your home, whether it is your primary, seasonal, rental or condo.

Our agency offers a variety of insurance carriers to help with your home insurance. Our goal is to try and ensure your home is insured properly. Then we want you to tell us if you own additional items that need insured – jewelry, art, collectibles, or toys such as a motorcycle, ATV or boat. Remember, you know your needs better than we do.

Just be sure to ask us for additional coverage in case you have lots of jewelry, art or other types of collectibles. Most policies provide limited coverage for these items and that is why insuring them specifically or itemizing may be important.

One of the best tips we can offer you is to let your insurance renewal be a time to contact your agent for an overall review. Most insurance agents have too little time to review each and every policy in their book of business. It simply is not always possible. We rely on our clients renewals to remind them to contact us.

Your homeowner renewal information comes to you via email or (usually) mail once a year. The declarations page will list your dwelling coverage, contents coverage, liability and medical protections as well as your deductible. If you have questions or have added valuables to your household you need to contact your agent.

We hope you will give us an opportunity to quote your Phoenix Home Insurance. Some of our clients have saved hundreds of dollars because we shop around with lots of “A” rated insurance carriers to find a good, competitive rate.

For a quote, call us at (480) 659-0229.