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If you want to receive low cost insurance and pay LESS for your auto and home insurance you have come to the right place. Choice Insurance of Arizona is a leading independent insurance agency and broker that handles insurance for clients who want to pay LESS.

Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the United States and the population continues to grow. During the recession of the 2008 timeframe the population stalled. However, over time people have once again began migrating to the southwest for jobs and the weather.

That means the city has its share of car accidents and auto thefts. As a result there are other carriers that are not competitive on their rates. You often need to shop your insurance with a broker to get better rates.

As a broker we shop auto and homeowner insurance with a lot of top rated insurance companies and can locate low cost rates. Some of our clients have saved nearly 50% on their auto and home insurance.

Our services include locating rates on auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and even business insurance. Our carriers include companies like Progressive, Kemper, Unitrin, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford and many more!

Phoenix was incorporated in 1881 but it was not until air conditioning that Phoenix truly became a destination city. Originally, Phoenix was viewed a great place for farming. Products like cotton were a big crop for many decades. In 1902 President Theodore Roosevelt signed the National Reclamation Act, which allowed for the building of dams. This has helped states like Arizona continue to grow and prosper even while in the middle of the desert.
Is Bigger Better?

I know a person who was born and raised in Phoenix. They brag about it and proudly proclaim it to be the best city in the United States. Phoenix is a great city. But being the sixth largest city has it drawbacks too. Car insurance Phoenix rates are not always great, as auto insurance rates particularly can be difficult because of the vast amount of vehicles on the roads. But even homeowner insurance rates have increased because homes are much older now.

We take the time to compare your auto insurance Phoenix rates with many carriers to help you secure lower premiums. Why don’t you call us and let us help you pay less? The quote is free!

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