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Would you like to save up to 35% on your auto and home Insurance?

We are an Arizona insurance broker. In our agency, we take great pride in helping clients save money.

If you call us for a quote on your Peoria insurance, we will then compare your current rate with about 15 other leading insurance companies, such as Hartford, Unitrin, MetLife, Progressive and Travelers, plus many others.

Some of our clients find a savings up to hundreds of dollars per year. Some will save more than others but our job is to shop and compare rates with a variety of carriers to ensure you receive the BEST rate we can find.

Peoria is no longer a little sleepy town like it was a couple decades ago. Major growth has occurred and that has caused a fluctuation in auto insurance rates. Typically when the population grows insurance rates increase as well because claims frequency increases.

When you let us quote your auto or home insurance we shop and compare insurance rates with leading insurance companies to help you pay less. The quote is free and there is no obligation.

One of the best parts of Peoria are the new home developments and the wonderful people. Our insurance carriers like the fact that many of these home developments are brand new. Newer homes tend to be favored when it comes to homeowner insurance rates. Contact us for a quote.

We are licensed to offer insurance everywhere in Arizona, including Peoria. So yes, we are a well-respected broker offering great rates on auto insurance and homeowner insurance. You do not pay extra when you hire an insurance broker. We are paid the same as every other insurance agent – on commission. Our job is to help you save money and pay LESS.

The city now has a population of around 154,000, according to the 2010 census. This is no small town. Back in 1970 it was roughly 5,000 people so you can imagine the tremendous growth the town has experienced over the years. Between 1990 and 2000 Peoria was one of the fastest growing cities in America, competing with the quick grown towns in the east valley.

The addition of Luke Air Force was a driving force behind some of the early growth of Peoria. Rates have steadily remained competitive even during these times of great growth.

Today, we have two major league baseball teams (San Diego and Seattle), the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts, and the Challenge Space Center of Arizona. While much of the city is newer and this helps homeowner insurance rates to be competitive, the added traffic means more accidents and car thefts. It is important that you use an insurance broker to help you find low rates on your insurance.

If you want to pay LESS for your insurance, please call me personally for a quote. We are happy anytime we can save a client money.

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