Red Light Cameras and Speeding

The Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee voted 8-4 to recraft the definition of a intersection.

One consequence would be that pavement sensors that trigger red light cameras would need to be moved. That would likely result in fewer tickets.

The City of Phoenix purportedly supplied statistics showing red light cameras have reduced injuries and deaths at intersections. However, one Arizona State Senator said the information he needs to change his stance would have to come from traffic safety engineers instead.

Basically, this change means that a driver who is already sitting in the crosswalk when the light turns red would not be in violation.

Photo Radar

The Arizona Senate killed a proposed bill that would have allowed photo radar and red light cameras to be put on the ballet so voters could determine if they want them.

On a 15-14 vote to defeat, the measure would have let voters decide for themselves whether they wanted photo radar or red light cameras.

It has been a long time since I got any kind of ticket, but especially for a parking meter that ran out of time.

Yet, for many, it is a big issue.

Tempe Parking Meters

Downtown Tempe has installed new parking meters that allow drivers to receive a phone alert when their meter is about to expire and and pay via their phone as well. How nice is that? Instead of running out of your meeting and down the street to your vehicle you can simply reload the meter from your cell phone.

Smart phone owners can down load an app at Other cell phone users can call a number posted on the meter to submit payment.

Some meters now accept credit cards as well. This sure beats having to carry a car full of quarters.

The new meters are initially installed in the high need areas such as College Avenue, Mill Avenue and Fifth Street.

Several years ago gas prices went from $2 or so to nearly $4. Consumers reacted with anger. Prices finally subsided.

Now, gas prices are well over $3 a gallon once again and you don’t see the same anger. Are consumers simply resigned to the fact that gas prices are going to be high and there is nothing they can do about it?

We hear alot about going green in the automotive industry – electric cars and hybrids. And maybe it’s a great vision ( I hope so ). Yet, that green vision does not help those struggling today to pay rent and buy groceries when transportation costs are rising due to oil prices and high prices at the pump.

Fossil fuels are not going anywhere anytime soon. There are way too many vehicles and industries that rely on oil and gas. It’s been reported that the United States may once again be a major oil producer due to new technology that has allowed drillers to go deeper than ever to find black gold. If drilling for new oil will help lower costs and let consumers keep more money in their pocket to pay their rent and food, then we should drill.

I know enviromental issues are a touchy issue. Yet, there is a way to move ahead with fossil fuels while keeping an eye on the green movement too. The key is moving along gradually so we do not over-burden people who are on a very tight budget.

The electric and hybrid industries are moving along nicely. Let’s hope technology continues to break open in those industries too.