Kudos to Peoria Police Chief

Peoria Police Chief

You can call new Peoria Police Chief Roy Minter a hands on kind of officer. He is directing Peoria police officers to reach out to their community in some unique ways not used before. Not only has Peoria seen a decrease in crime but their community is taking notice.

1) A new program was developed so high school students can now text crime tips to police

2) When reporting for duty, officers now review updated crime maps to determine problem areas and spend extra time and man-power in those areas. This means crimes are fresh and allows officers to spend time in ways that improve productivity.

3) He created the United Community Action Network, so community leaders can gather regularly to discuss community and police activities.

Mr. Minter came to Arizona from Texas when Peoria’s past chief retired. Keep up the good work Peoria and Mr. Minter!

The Reason They Build Jails

As reported in the news, a man named George Houser, along with his wife, ran three nursing homes but squandered the money and left his residents in a bad position.

While receiving $32 million in Medicaid monies, Houser neglected his patients by failing to supply adequate food, causing some elderly residents to border on starvation.

He let the home become in disrepair as well. Leaky roofs were not fixed. He failed to buy the necessary cleaning supplies. There were major staff shortages and safety concerns. Employee checks bounced. Air conditioning systems were not repaired when broken. Trash services went unpaid and rotting trash piled up.

All the while Houser bought a $1.4 million home, several Mercedes Benz, took vacations and planned on building several hotels with his Medicaid money.

He faces up to 20 years in jail.

I know we are not supposed to judge. But good grief, it amazes me when people get so untracked in life to the point where they injure others. How does a person lose such a basic value as not caring for human life that is placed in his care?

While we read stories or watch them reported on in the news it seems like this sort of behavior is becoming commonplace. In another story a man was in charge of investments for his clients but ended up running a ponzi scheme. He took client money and used it to buy homes, travel and live a life that only the few in the world get to experience.

Yet, these are not the common experience of life. Most people are good and decent. Most people care about their fellow human being. Most people will help if asked.

The world is still a good place filled with good people, regardless what the news stories may show.