Crazy Jury Awards

There are many reasons for skyrocketing health costs. One of which is medical malpractice.

Unfortunately, Congress has not worked to rein in the runaway awards being handed out.

March 2010 in New York $60,000,000 awarded in a negligence at birth case
July 2010 in Florida $114,000,000 awarded in a wrongful death suit against a nursing home
January 2012 in Florida $168,000,000 awarded for brain damage from a surgery
August 2011 in West Virginia $91,000,000 awarded for nursing home negligence
October 2011 in Michigan $144,000,000 awarded for negligence at birth
and more and more and more can be listed…..

I am not suggesting bad doctors or health care providers not be punished/penalized. I am not suggesting families not be compensated for their loss.

However, does one hundred sixty eight million dollars remove the pain a family feels following a botched surgery? There has to be a better solution because these types of lottery-looking judgement awards only make attorney’s rich and increase insurance and medical costs/rates for the rest of us.

Caring for Elderly Parents

According to a study, caregiving affects 1 of 4 families, and this statistic is expected to increase as retirees live longer – even into their 80’s and 90’s.

Caregiving can take a substantial emotional and physical toll.

But what about the financial considerations of providing care? Here are some tips.

Hesitate to leave a job or career. While there are only so many hours in a day, quitting work can have a big impact on your own retirement needs or future employment prospects. If you work for a company that provides a 401k match you will give up free money by leaving. And consider how future social security benefits will be impacted.

What about your group benefits? Buying private health or dental benefits may be costly. Research shows that caregivers have poorer health than non-caregivers, a consideration that you cannot ignore your own health care needs.

Suing over the high cost of movies

A friend once asked me about movies on a regular basis. Her reasoning – I used to see nearly ever movie that came to the big screen. I love movies.

Yet, now I rarely see movies that are new to the theatre. Some of that is partly due to my time being more limited than when I was unmarried and had no children. But partly, the cost of seeing newly released movies these days keeps me away

A Michigan man decided to take matters into his own hands. The suburban Michigan security technician sued a local movie theatre over its high cost of snacks. He paid $8 for a can of Coke and a package of Goobers.

While I understand this gentleman’s frustration can’t he simply wait until the movie goes to a cheaper theater (we have $3 theatre here). You may not catch the movie while it is a new release but at least the price of a ticket is half.

Also, if a person feels the costs are exhorbitant, you can simply choose to not go – which is what I do much of the time.