Beware of Uber Scams

Here are a handful of Uber scams that you should be aware of.

1) Your driver fakes an App glitch and demand a cash payment

2) Drivers telling customers that the customer mistakenly chose a “cash payment” option. Again, they will ask you to fork over some Andrew Jackson’s ($20’s).

3) Accepting airport rides from non-Uber drivers who pretend to be your driver. This actually happens more than you realize.

4) Asking the driver to pay at toll roads. Uber will handle those fees electronically. Never give your driver cash, unless you are freely offering a tip.

5) Fake cleaning fees. Some drivers have reported vandalism when none actually occurred in order to get additional payment from Uber.

6) Re-requesting the Uber ride. Your driver may claim there was an App malfunction and request you re-request a ride. This enables the driver to get paid additionally.