Legal Notice

By submitting any personal or other information about you or your family on this web site or if you provide information to us by phone or email for an insurance quote or inquiry of any kind coverage, or for other purposes, you acknowledge that you or your representatives have given Choice Insurance of Arizona LLC, or its subsidiaries or affiliates or non-affiliated insurance companies that may or may not be referred to on this website, your complete consent to run any and all reports or authorizations, including but not limited to credit and claims history, used for underwriting purposes and any other reasons we deem necessary. These reports are primarily imperative to providing you with an accurate quote.

These reports will include but are not limited to:

Insurance Credit Scoring
Motor Vehicle Reports
Claim Histories (CLUE Reports)
Your Home Information

Choice Insurance of Arizona LLC will use any legal methods to research this information with the information you provide regardless of whether you have submitted social security numbers or not on this website. If you do not want Choice Insurance of Arizona LLC or its subsidiaries or affiliates or non-affiliated insurance companies to run these or any other reports to provide you with an accurate quote, you must notify us or our agents and representatives prior to submitting your information through this web site, by phone, email, mail or any other media form.

When your credit is run, some of the factors that insurance carriers look at may include: number of derogatory public record items, length of time since newest account has been established, length of time since more recent activity reported and number of collection agency filings. This is not an all inclusive list as other factors may come into play.

We have no control over how your information is used by other carriers or entities who get access to your personal information. If you have concerns please contact these companies directly. Consumer reports, including credit scores, usually are not resold or transferred to any other person or entity other than those involved in the insurance process. The use of credit in insurance premium rating is subject to the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and various state laws. Under the FCRA, you are permitted to contact the credit bureau if you believe the information provided is incorrect