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I have passed through Lake Havasu City but have never spent any real time here. However, I have clients who own or have owned homes in the area. They all seem to love it. One of the biggest attractions is the water scene. Apparently during the summer you can have a wonderful time, especially if you own a boat. I guess the town is a big boating destination.

Lake Havasu City has about 52,000 residents. Yet, there are times during the season when this number swells greatly. Lake Havasu City is a destination spot for many due to the wonderful weather and water sports. In the summer the temperatures reach as high as 110 but the winter months are much more delightful in the mid to low 60’s. Many visitors from around the country stay in Lake Havasu City during the comfortable winter months.

Ironically, the city was founded as an Army Air Corps back in the days of World War II. Officially, the city was established on September 30, 1963 but it was not incorporated until 1978. Perhaps the biggest tourist attraction is the London Bridge, purchased from the City of London, disassembled and shipped here and reassembled in 1971. London Bridge is one of the most widely visited attractions in Arizona, second to the Grand Canyon.

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