Are some insurance companies better than others?

You are probably very familiar with Geico, State Farm, Farmers, Nationwide and Allstate because they all are in your living room every single day (at least when your tv is on). I bet a poll would show a disproportionate number of Americans are very familiar with these names. But are these insurance carriers better than the rest – simply because they spend large sums on advertising?

You see the television commercials day after day, year after year, and eventually become comfortable with those carriers. You even begin to feel a certain trust because these companies advertise repeatedly over a long period of time.

The Effect of Advertising

After 19 years in the business I know that advertising works. It brings a company right into your living room and makes you feel comfortable. The commercials are feel-good and make you believe they can save you money and have your best interest at heart when you file a claim. We believe all companies try hard to do right by the consumer.

Advertising brings a certain amount of credibility. It does not necessarily mean an insurance company is best or better – just because they spend money on advertising. At Choice Insurance of Arizona, we represent insurance carriers that spend substantial monies on television advertising. It must work because they continue doing so.

What About Those Other Insurance Companies Who Never Advertise

However, there are alot of insurance companies that do business in Arizona who never or rarely advertise. They rely upon the independent insurance agents and brokers to offer their product to clients. These carriers have very little or no name recognition nationally. Does this make them less trustworthy? By no means should it.

We represent carriers like Badger Mutual Insurance, Mapfre Insurance, Infinity Insurance and American Strategic Insurance Company. These companies are known by a very small number of American’s compared to the so-called name brand companies. Yet, these carriers are considered top ranked and top rated.

Take Badger Mutual Insurance Company, for example. They have been in business around 125 years and have an excellent rating with AMBest rating service. This carrier does not have the intention to be all things to all people. They grow methodically and do business in a way that they believe will allow them to be successful and serve their clients to the best of their ability.

You may be surprised to learn that some of the best rates on insurance are through insurance carriers you have never heard. You don’t think that national advertising is cheap, do you? Someone has to pay when a company runs ads every hour of every day, sometimes across virtually every state in the nation. Those costs come back to you, the consumer. It’s always a good idea to let your insurance broker shop your insurance with some of these lesser known companies to see what rates they offer.

Trust Your Insurance Broker

We only offer insurance through carriers we believe will take care of you. If we found a carrier not paying claims we would not provide their business to our clients. We work for you, the consumer. In order to keep you happy and keep you as a long term client we will do everything in our power to value your business.

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