How do I Safely Boost My Retirement Income?

Most retirees are usually cautious and careful about how they invest, with who they invest their money and what type of investments they choose. In this topsy, turvy economic world some people are adverse about investing in the stock market. Many flee to safety and investment products that have little to no risk. The challenge with this safe approach is finding any sort of decent return on our money in safe investment products almost forces many to put money into the market against their better judgment.

The market has done well over the years but with a government deeply in debt it is a cautious approach.

During your working years you save and invest and hopefully accumulate an amount of money that can support you during your retirement years. The challenge becomes earning enough interest to live on so that you are not dipping into the principle. As a retired person you are not working and earning a living. It becomes paramount that your Arizona investments return enough interest to you on a regular, monthly basis. Since we do not know how long we will live it is imperative that we take calculated risks.

The risks we face during retirement

There are many risks we face during retirement – inflation risk, interest rate risk, market risk. The cost of living is going up and that is a trend likely to continue. Food, fuel, insurance, and other basic needs are increasing. If you are earning a paltry return on your money in CD’s or savings accounts you will not keep up with inflation.

And of course every retiree is aware of the risk of the stock market. The challenge with taking risks in the stock market is putting your principle at risk. If the stock market tumbles you are no longer in your peak wage earning years and unable to replace lost investment income.

The solution

A Lifetime Income Annuity is one investment product that has NO market risk and NO fees. You can safely place your money into this investment and not worry about today, tomorrow or the future. This investment carries zero market risk and has zero fees. What more could a retiree ask for?

What is this amazing investment?

It is called a Lifetime Income Annuity or Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) and it’s possible to earn up to 9% pay out rate. The pay out rate varies based on your age, gender and marital status. You need to call our office to find out your specific pay out rate. An SPIA can pay you a monthly income for as long as you live AND YOU CAN NEVER OUTLIVE THIS INCOME. Also, if you die prematurely the balance of your account is paid to your beneficiaries.
No Risk & No Fees?

It is true. Our Single Premium Immediate Annuity has no market risk and there are no fees. It is not dependent on the stock market or any other market guide. An SPIA will pay you a regular, steady income for as long as you live. Is the SPIA for everyone? This investment is designed for a retired person or retired couple. And we advise that it is not designed to place your entire investment portfolio into an SPIA since you likely will need to have additional monies ready for emergencies or other reasons. But an SPIA is usually great for just about any retired person with at least a portion of your retirement savings.

Is it safe? An SPIA is backed by the insurance company and that is why we only work with insurance companies that are A or A+ rated by AMBest. We work with companies that are well positioned, have a solid financial ranking with the credit rating services. Some of our competitors work with investment products by lower rated companies. Be smart and use us for your investment needs because we only work with higher rated companies.

How much will an SPIA pay me?
Contact our office for a specific quote. Just remember, there are no fees and no market risk. You can use this investment product for a portion of your investment needs. The income you receive is for life – you can never outlive it. If you die, any unused monies in your account will be paid to your beneficiaries.