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Glendale is the 4th largest city in Arizona and a rapidly growing community. The Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Coyotes are located on the west side of the valley bringing more attention and people to this side of town.

Typically as a city grows insurance rates go up. Traffic growth means more claims, like accidents and thefts. As an area gets older traditionally home insurance rates go up because all those factors that go into a home age as well – the roof, plumbing, electrical all statistically have a greater chance of breaking down. A larger population usually brings more insurance claims.

The city of Glendale has well in excess of 200,000 residents. For many years the vast majority of growth occurred in the east valley. Glendale has seen its share of growth as well as people moving her found more inexpensive housing. The city was founded by an industrious man named William John Murphy, who is responsible for the development of Grand Avenue, among other notable achievements. He also was instrumental in the building of the water canal through the area.

As a result of the population growth it is highly important for everyone to shop their insurance every so often to ensure you are receiving a competitive quote for your Auto, Home, Life or Business.

When you request a Glendale insurance quote from us we will shop and compare rates with multiple carriers to get you the BEST rates we can for your auto, home, life and business.

In today’s economy where the market can fluctuate it is very helpful to seek low cost rates on insurance every few years. There are great strains on a family budget today, from housing, food, electricity and more. Your family budget can be greatly impacted if you cut your costs by up to 35% or more.

Our service is free to you!

We are compensated by insurance carriers when we find them clients. That means we not only find you the best rate we can but we also help the insurance carrier.

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