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Are you a Chandler resident or are you planning a move to Chandler. If yes, you will need Chandler auto insurance and Chandler homeowner insurance. Please allow us the opportunity to quote your auto insurance and homeowner insurance. As a Chandler insurance broker we can help you pay LESS for your insurance. Call us today (480) 659-0229 and learn how we can save you money.

Chandler Auto Insurance | Chandler Home Insurance

We can help you pay LESS for your Chandler Insurance – whether for your auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance or business insurance.Our Chandler Insurance companies will be happy to offer you competitive rates on your insurance. Many of our clients were unaware that they were overpaying on their Chandler Insurance. Some wondered how we were able to find insurance rates for so much less.

The secret to our Chandler Auto Insurance is we shop and compare your rates with a variety of top ranked “A” rated insurance companies, such as Hartford, Unitrin, Progressive, Travelers, AAA, MetLife and many others.

Home Insurance: Single Family Homes / Condos / Duplex / 4 Plex

We can help you with just about any type of home, whether you use this property for your primary home or as an investment property.

Live in Arizona or Outside Arizona

Most of our clients live in Arizona. We help them with their auto insurance and home insurance. Some own more than one property that they use for their seasonal/vacation home or investment property. Other clients live outside Arizona, in places such as Canada or California. We can help just about anyone who is buying a home in Chandler AZ or needs car insurance.

The History of Chandler AZ

Chandler has been one of the fastest growing cities in America over the past fifteen years. In 2011 it was estimated the population in Chandler exceeded 240,000. This is amazing growth for a town just twenty years earlier was still considered a small agricultural town. Cotton was the big crop for decades but most of those fields have been developed into family neighborhoods today.

Because of this growth a lot of insurance companies have been unsure how to gauge their Chandler Insurance rates. That’s why you need to use a Chandler insurance broker to help you find the lowest rates so you can pay LESS for your auto insurance and home insurance.

In 1891 Dr. John Chandler settled in an area south of Mesa and a few years later purchased 18,000 acres of what would later be Chandler. By 1912 Chandler opened its first school and a year later the famous San Marcos hotel was built.

Pay Less for Your Chandler Insurance

Our agency works with numerous top Chandler Insurance companies so that we help our clients pay LESS for their insurance. Give us a call for a quote on your auto insurance or home insurance. The quote is free and there is no obligation. We have saved some Chandler insurance clients up to $500 per year on their insurance.

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