Canadian Insurance in Arizona

We LOVE our Canadian clients!!

While we do not have statistics readily available, our Canadian friends come to Arizona and help support our economy in a very big way. They buy homes and cars, furniture, attend movies, shop at stores, eat at restaurants. Our Arizona economy would be in much more difficult condition without our Canadian friends. Too all Canadian visitors who come to Arizona – welcome and thank you!!

Auto & Homeowner Insurance

Are you buying a home in Arizona or shopping for insurance on your current homeowner insurance? Are you looking for a good rate on your auto insurance? Let us help as we can provide auto and homeowner insurance for you.

Use an Insurance Broker and Pay Less

An insurance broker will shop and compare auto and homeowner insurance with leading and nationally recognized insurance companies such as MetLife, The Hartford, AAA, Travelers, Progressive and many others. Our goal is to 1) save you money and 2) secure insurance with a highly rated carrier. We strive to find you the lowest rate we can on your auto insurance and homeowner insurance.

Canadian Homeowner Insurance

Seasonal Home | Vacation Home
We provide homeowner insurance for our Canadian clients if the home is used as a seasonal home or vacation home. When you call us for a quote be sure to indicate if your home is located in a gated community, will have a fire and burglar alarm or has a sprinkler system pre-installed. These items can help you save money.

Also, you may get a discount if you have no mortgage and pay your insurance premium in full. Ask your agent for details, call for a quote, or complete our quote form located on the website.

Rental Properties
Yes, we also can help you insure a home you are buying as a rental property. Just call us with the details on your home or complete the quote form on our website.

Know the Claims History if Buying a Home

As you may know, American insurance companies are cautious when it comes to insuring homes that have a history of claims. Before buying your home be sure to ask for a CLAIMS HISTORY report. One wind/storm/mother nature claim is probably ok. But if the home has theft claims in its history be sure to speak with your insurance agent before committing to the purchase. Remember, your home will sit empty for times and insurance carriers will be cautious if a home has a history of theft and/or vandalism claims.

Canadian Auto Insurance

One of the biggest requests we receive from our Canadian auto insurance clients is this: they want to know if they can lower/reduce their coverage when they leave town. The answer is yes. Obviously, the insurance carrier wants the vehicle in a locked, secure location. But why pay for higher insurance coverage when you are back home north of the border? We are sensitive to your needs. We continue to insure the vehicle for fire/theft/vandalism but lower, reduce or even eliminate coverage you do not need. When you are coming back to Arizona, simply let us know and we can resume your higher coverage during your stay.

Please call or email for quote on your Canadian insurance in Arizona.
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