Buying Car Insurance

What to look for on your insurance policy

It’s a common mistake most people make when buying car insurance. They focus on items like the premium, their deductible or whether the policy comes with glass coverage or towing. Those are important but not the most important part of your car insurance policy.

What is the most important part of your car insurance policy?

Consumers often fail to ask about Bodily Injury – perhaps the most important part of your Arizona Car Insurance policy.

What is Bodily Injury coverage?

For starters, it covers injuries to the other driver and their occupants when you are at-fault in an accident.

Do you see those television advertisements by Personal Injury Attorneys? They are searching for people who have been injured in an auto accident so they can file a lawsuit against someone. And if you hit someone while driving your car and cause injuries those same attorneys would love nothing more than to sue you for every asset you own.

What if you permanently disable someone or kill a pedestrian with your vehicle? Imagine the lawsuit that could be heading your way in those situations. Perhaps you crash into a motorcycle rider or a small child riding a bicycle.

Some consumers may not be concerned about higher bodily injury limits because they own little, if any, assets. You may not own a lot of assets, but what about your income or earning potential? Do you work? Do you earn a living? It is very possible that a portion of your income could be garnished in a lawsuit over the course of many years.

When you buy car insurance do not forget to ask your agent about carrying higher limits on bodily injury. It’s the one item on your insurance policy that will help protect your assets and income from being sued should you cause injury, disability or even death to someone else.

Then you can worry about the rest of your policy coverage.

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