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Gilbert Arizona is a great place to live. Ask anyone and the chances are you will find a person who cannot imagine living anywhere else. You will find beautifully built homes in well managed neighborhoods and homes with gorgeous red tile roofs.

Crime is relatively low and the streets are safe compared to most communities. It was ranked as one of the top 25 safest communities in the United States. CNN Money Magazine rated it as one of the best places to live. The schools are really good. They have lakes. Good food. Ample shopping. It’s mostly residential so you have less commercial traffic and construction.

Guess what? Insurance carriers know all of this information too. We have insurance carriers who LOVE Gilbert and frequently give us great rates on homeowner insurance in 85233.

Gilbert has grown over the years. From a sleepy farming community into the 1960’s and 1970’s to a booming residential community from the 1980’s to now. Census estimates say the population in Gilbert is now around 230,000. About 39% of the adult residents hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Median household income is roughly $80,000.

What is their not to love if you are an insurance carrier offering homeowner insurance in 85233.

The town can trace its roots to a man named William “Bobby” Gilbert who provided land to the Arizona Eastern Railroad so they could construct a rail line from Phoenix to Florence. Ayer’s Grocery Store was founded in 1910 and became the town’s first post office as well. Eventually, the post office moved to a spot east of Gilbert road where it remains to this day.

The town of Gilbert was incorporated in 1920 and was known as the Hay Capital of the World. For many years in the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s Gilbert was the fastest or one of the fastest growing towns in the country.

If you own a home in Gilbert or are thinking of moving to Gilbert, please get a quote for your homeowner insurance in 85233. We work with leading and highly rated insurance providers. We shop and compare those rates to help you save money.

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Google Insurance

You may have heard that Google entered the insurance market. Some insurance agents and carriers may be a bit nervous to see Goliath take a stab at our industry.

Yet, I don’t see that they are doing anything unique that is not already offered by a hundred others. They will ask for your information – name, address, vehicles, coverage, and driver information. They bought a company that has an insurance platform and offers insurance quotes through various providers. That is already being done by many companies and websites, including me. It’s nothing new.

Take our firm – Choice Insurance of Arizona, for instance. We shop and compare insurance with leading and top rated carriers like Progressive, Hartford, MetLife, Kemper, Badger Mutual, American Strategic and more.

So what is the difference between us and these companies selling insurance through a 1-800 phone number or internet?

Let me give you one very big difference – advice!

So many times I have worked with clients who bought insurance over the phone or through the internet and was shocked to see the basic limits they carry. You see, clients almost always focus on one thing – price. That’s because most of the TV advertising attracts you by promising to save you money.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to save you money too. But my concern for you is more than just the premium. If I help you with insurance but do not help you properly protect yourself you may end up extremely unhappy if you are involved in a claim.

When it comes to insurance you better focus on price 2nd and your coverage 1st. Give me great coverage and THEN let’s see what your price is.

About six or seven years ago we were rear ended by a car that never hit their brakes. We were quite shaken up. Due to the impact behind us, our car hit the car ahead of us, which hit also the vehicle ahead of them. Guess who is responsible for all the damage to all four vehicles? You guessed it – the car that rear ended us initially

Last year a client rear ended someone and caused a 4 car chain accident. Our client is responsible. Fortunately, they have me as their insurance agent and have good coverage on their insurance policy. Their policy will take care of all the damage and injuries.

Now, this is not to say a client will not insist on carrying low coverage limits against my advice. It happens. Maybe due to restrictive finances they feel they must carry low limits to save every dollar they can. It happens. But I always advise against carrying low coverage limits.

But what would have happened if that same client had bought online or through the internet? The chances are they would have been sold price first and coverage second. And that would have left them personally dealing with a very difficult financial situation.

Do yourself a favor. Call me and let me help you with your insurance. I promise to talk with you about your coverage and protecting yourself AND shop around for the best price we can find with our carriers.

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Homeowner Insurance Dobson Ranch

If you live in Dobson Ranch or are moving to the area, please keep us in mind for your Dobson Ranch homeowner insurance or auto insurance.

Dobson Ranch is one of the oldest HOA communities in the United States. At least, it is one of the largest covering a couple thousand acres. I am unsure exactly how many homes, condos and townhomes are built in the ranch but it may total around 4,000.

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The ranch was built primarily around 1978-1980, though some construction before and after this time frame. Prior to Continental homes building here, it was a cattle farm. They say that upwards of 2,000 cattle were kept in this area.

Dobson Ranch auto insurance can be competitive too. Mesa is still a great place to buy car insurance. While it is a suburb of Phoenix we still are far enough away from the major congestion, except maybe during rush hour on the US60 or the 101.

It’s a great area managed by one of the best HOA’s in the country. You can stray outside Dobson Ranch and see neighborhoods not kept as nice.

For your Dobson Ranch homeowner insurance please call or email me. Most of the homes in the ranch are block construction and those are great to insure. As with any insurance carrier, you will be subject to an exterior visual inspection.

So when buying and shopping homeowner insurance be sure to have your home looking great when you make the switch. Your new insurance carrier will certainly have a field inspector stop by and take a few outside pictures.

Dobson Ranch is great at offering activities and events. Visit their website at www.DobsonRanchHOA.com and click a link titled: Ranchers Roundup. It provides a great list of events taking place, many are free to residents.

Of course, you will enjoy the lakes, walking paths, tennis courts and swimming pools too.

Don’t forget to call or email me about your Dobson Ranch homeowner Insurance!
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Housing Market on Upswing

According to a report from Fannie Mae, 67% of consumers believe now is a good time to buy a home. That’s up three percentage points from the last study. Previously, the trend showed consumers wanting to rent but that reversal is great news for anyone who is considering selling their home.

In addition, consumers surveyed believe now is a great time to qualify for a loan. Everyone who has gone through the lending process over the past 5+ years knows the lending environment was not always friendly. No doubt, lenders are trying to relax strict guidelines somewhat.

Freddie Mac says the average rate for a 30 year mortgage fell to 3.75%. One year ago that number was 4.28%. Some are crediting a weak international economy for sending investors back to the U.S. And yet, there are rumblings the fed will increase short term interest rates in the coming year, which will cause mortgage rates to climb. But really, even if rates go to 5 – 6 % that historically is still a great rate.

If you are thinking about selling home, some buyers may be more motivated NOW due to potential rate hikes that will increase the interest rate buyers can quality for. Now may be an ideal time to sell.

Typical young buyers have stay out of the market in greater numbers following the hit of 2008. They opted to rent. Many of those people will come into the purchase arena at some point. Why not this year? Keep in mind that as rental prices increase that will push some into a buy mode. Gas prices are low. Ironically, any bump in the market that gives consumers added flexibility in their budget is good for buyers. The Federal Reserve is striving to ease lending requirement, according to some.

In other news, Foreclosure’s are declining. In February 2015 there were 303 houses taken back by lending institutions. That is the lowest number since December 2006. While three hundred and three sounds like a lot, some experts say this is a normal level for the Phoenix metro area.

Earthquate Warning System

President Barack Obama has included in his latest budget proposal to Congress a recommendation to spend $5 million next year on a west coast early warning system for earthquakes. Some lawmakers are hoping to increase this number up to $16 million in the next fiscal year.

The funding will allow for the installation of seismic detection stations and sensors. Colleges or Universities are already working with the U.S. Geological Survey to install these new warning systems. Several test sites currently exist. Test users at UC Berkeley received 10 seconds of warning when an earthquake hit Napa Valley this past September.

What benefits will early warning systems provide? Some examples given are to help alert doctors who are in surgery and notifying utilities to shut off natural gas lines, or train operators to engage their braking system. As the technology improves and advance notice becomes longer, perhaps those in high rise buildings may one day receive enough notice to vacate.

Early warning systems, as the technology improves, may also help schools get children into a safer position or location, alert people to get out of elevators, warn people to turn off stoves and ovens, provide impending notice to other types of doctors – such as dentists, allow emergency personnel and emergency responders to begin preparations with advance notice, and alert power stations. And don’t forget homeowners who may have time to shut off water or other devices inside a home.

Helping Immigrants

California insurance commissioner, Dave Jones, is asking California residents to obey the law and obtain drivers licenses and proper insurance. Since January 2, 2015 when a law enabled those unable to prove citizenship the ability to get drivers licenses, more than 76,000 have signed up. But having a drivers license is only half the requirement.

He and other leaders are encouraging California insurance agents and brokers to help those who have never purchased insurance before – to understand the process, the coverage and the law.

New drivers must also have proper auto insurance just like everyone else. Uninsured driving is a major issue in many states and cost the insurance industry and consumers many millions of dollars in losses and higher premiums. California instituted a program called “Lost Cost Auto Program” for those who cannot afford car insurance. While it is likely tax-payer subsidized at least it helps protect the innocent who are involved in an accident by someone who would not be able to carry insurance otherwise.