Auto Insurance for Lyft Drivers

Auto Insurance for Lyft drivers

Are you driving for Lyft or thinking of joining their team? One of the primary requirements is that you have active auto insurance. But that’s not enough!

You need to find out if your current insurance company actually covers you and your vehicle while driving for Lyft. Not every insurance carrier does. If you drive for Lyft but your insurance company does not cover ride sharing, you could leave yourself exposed financially.

If your insurance carrier does not offer coverage for ride sharing, please contact us for a quote.

For auto insurance for Lyft drivers, call (480) 659-0229 or email:

Auto Insurance for Uber Drivers

Are you thinking about driving for Uber? If yes, you need to make sure your insurance company covers you. Not every insurance company automatically covers you or your vehicle in the event you are involved in an accident while engaging in a ride sharing type of job, such as Uber.

We do.

If you are driving for Uber, or thinking about it, make sure you ask your insurance company if they cover you. Auto insurance for Uber drivers is mandatory. Yet, more importantly than meeting Uber’s strict guidelines to becoming a driver, you need to make sure you are in compliance with your own auto insurance carrier. Failure to properly insure yourself can leave you severely exposed to great financial risk.

For an auto insurance for Uber quote, contact our office. Be sure to tell us you drive for Uber or Lyft and we will add the ride sharing endorsement to your quote.

For a quote, please call (480) 659-0229 or email:

What is an Independent Insurance Agent

Most consumers today buy insurance from carriers that spend millions of dollars on TV advertising. However, do not neglect to call your local independent insurance agent. He or she may represent numerous carriers and may just be able to save you more money than the typical agent. For help on your insurance, call Gary at (480) 659-0229 or email:

Should You File an Insurance Claim?

I’ve been selling insurance for over two decades. Clients call my office on a regular basis asking how a claim will affect their policy and premium. The answer varies, depending on whether it is an auto claim or homeowner claim.