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I lived in Tucson during the early 1980’s. It is still considered a sleepy town by some. But for those who have lived here awhile have seen it grow from a modest sized town to a full fledged city. That is what happens when you gain an additional 100,000 residents from 1990 – 2005.

In 2007, Tucson ranked # 10 as the city with the most car thefts. That number seems high, considering Tucson is the 34th largest city in the United States. One factor is its proximity to the border.

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Tucson is located over an hour south of the Phoenix area. Alot of people travel through Tucson to visit Mexico or head to California. The town has grown tremendously and along with that growth comes some good things and negative things.

The city boasts one of the best sports programs in the nation – the University of Arizona Wildcats. They are usually one of the better teams in NCAA basketball. The football program has been up and down but always competitive. The baseball program has been on the rise as well.

Have you ever attended a Wildcat football game? I highly advise arriving early and enjoy all the people tail-gating. It’s a wonderful spectacle. Once when we attended a game there we visited with fans sitting on all sides. It was amazing to hear people say they had been attending games for twenty or more years. That’s a die hard fan.

Tucson does not have to compete with multiple professional teams like Arizona State. But they also don’t have the pool of players who live in metro Phoenix either. The university also has a famous medical facility. A friend of ours had a daughter graduate in nursing here.

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