Maximize Your Retirement Income Today

How would you like to earn up to 9% Pay Out Rate on your retirement income with NO risk and NO fees? It’s true and we are helping clients boost their monthly retirement income and giving them peace of mind at the same time.

A Lifetime Income Annuity is considered one of the safest and most reliable investment products for retirees today. There is no risk and zero fees associated with this product.

What are your common investment options?

  • Stock Market
  • Bonds
  • CD’s
  • Bank Savings Accounts
  • Lifetime Income Annuity

    The stock market is a bit too risk for the tastes of many retirees today. Bonds carry inflation risk – if inflation takes off bond returns will likely decrease. CD’s and bank savings accounts pay nearly nothing in interest. These options have never been more un-desirable for retirees.

    One of the above investment products offers 1) lifetime income payments that are guaranteed and will never decrease as long as you live, 2) has no market risk since the product is not involved with the stock market and 3) has no fees. The correct answer of course is the Liftime Income Annuity.

    What is a Lifetime Income Annuity?

    A lifetime income annuity also goes by the name single premium immediate annuity. This product is handled by insurance companies. We compare pay out rates on your behalf to find the highest pay out rate with a top rated and top ranked insurance company. This product is not bank guaranteed, like a CD, because it is sold by insurance companies. Which is exactly why we only represent the highest rated insurance companies to provide you with security and peace of mind.

    Does this provide me a check for life?

    A lifetime income annuity will pay you a monthly check as long as you live. If you are married it can pay you AND your wife a check as long as you both live. This product offers an optional feature (which I usually recommend) that, should you die, will pay any unused monies to your beneficiaries.

    Are there any downsides to a lifetime income annuity? There is one. The monies you put into this product are set in stone; you cannot access other than the regular monthly check you will receive for as long as you live. The money in this account cannot be accessed – you give up that right, and in return the insurance company agrees to send you a monthly check that will never decrease as long as you (and your spouse) live.

    The above caveat is the reason we usually recommend clients only invest a portion of your total retirement account into a lifetime income annuity. You still likely need money for emergencies and other flexible reasons and need to set monies aside that are more readily accessbile. But a lifetime income annuity is a great way to boost your retirement income and help you maximize your retirement income.

    How do I determine my pay out rate?

    Pay out rates are determined by gender, age and marital status. Some clients earn up to a 6% pay out rate while others may earn 9% or even higher. The older you are when you apply for this account the higher your pay out rate. But once you have secured a lifetime income annuity the pay out rate and your monthly check is guaranteed and will never decrease as long as you (and your spouse) live. Once we know your pay out rate and the amount of your investment we can calculate your monthly income. Call our office to find out exactly what your pay out rate will be.

    The minimum investment varies by company. However, we usually require at least $20,000 as a minimum investment in order to generate you a decent monthly income.

    Please call our office and inquire about a lifetime income annuity. We can let you know your pay out rate and how much income this investment product will earn you. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Gary Brown, Agent/Owner
    (480) 659-0229

    P.S. We are not securities licensed and do not sell securities related products. Neither do we offer any type of securities related investment advice. However, we do offer fixed investment products that carry little to no risk, such as the lifetime income annuity.