Are Fixed Annuities Your Answer?

You still want to save money for the future, toward retirement. But where do you feel it is safe to put money in this economy? Not the stock market.

There is one place.

Fixed Annuities.

This is a product backed by an insurance company and pays an interest rate (typically) much higher than CD’s or savings accounts. Some Fixed Annuities pay 3% or higher right now.

There is really very little downside to a Fixed Annuity. If you have money sitting in an account and you do not plan on using this money, consider talking to us about a Fixed Annuity. It’s a great place to store your long term savings.

You may not be familiar with a fixed annuity. It is a product where you can place your money and receive an interest rate.

Is it like a savings account? Not exactly but it usually pays a higher interest rate than a savings account

A Fixed Annuity is often a great investment vehicle for someone who wants to park money in a safe place where the volatility of the market won’t affect their value as much.

If you are nervous or scared about the market, mutual funds and you want to put your money in a safer investment with little to no risk, contact us today. We offer Fixed Investment products like Annuities.

Call us today to discuss if a Fixed Annuity in Arizona can help you keep your money safer.

If you are like many, you are wondering what happened to your mutual fund or stock investments. Many Americans watched helplessly as their mutual funds sank like a rock. And even more people are curious as to where to place their investments to find a secure rate of return.

You should give a FIXED ANNUITY a good look as an alternative.

A fixed annuity carries NO market risk. The rate you receive is locked in for the duration of the contract. We will shop around with numerous fixed annuity carriers to help you find the best fixed interest annuity rate. And Fixed Annuities typically pay a higher rate of interest than C.D.’s. If you are someone who has deposited money into C.D.s you should let us give you a comparison.

Contact us today if you are an Arizona resident. We would love to show you how to lock in a rate of return that you do not have to worry about.

You still want to save money for the future, toward retirement. But where do you feel it is safe to put money in this economy? Not the stock market.

There is one place. If you want more information please let us know.

During these past few years just about everyone has wondered about the viability of retiring – if they will be able or when. The economy is simply not in good shape and the next 3-5 years may be just as difficult.

If you are wondering about your investments or your overall retirement plan there is a solution. Or, at least someone I highly recommend to give you answers.

Give me a call and I will tell you about a friend of mine who handles our accounts. I trust this person with my life. He is the person I will rely upon to guide my wife should something happen to me.

No one can predict the future. But the best you can do is rely on someone who is experienced, works for a top rated company, has excellent products at their disposal and has a reputation for doing the right thing for their clients.

This is my friend in a nutshell.

Now is a great time to consider starting a Roth IRA Account. Your deduction can be tax deductible. If you already have a Roth or other IRA but are not satisfied, please contact us.

The Roth IRA specialist we recommend can help you design a plan tailored to your investment risk and needs.
My wife and I met with a retirement planner in 2010. This person really helped us sort out our financial goals and plans for the future. No matter how organized you may believe you are it is highly recommended that you use someone licensed and experienced in helping people with their finances and retirement planning.

Our financial planner has been in the investment and insurance field since about 1994 and has helped hundreds and hundreds of Arizona clients.

While we will not list their name here because of confidentiality reasons, we are happy to give you their name and phone number if you call our office.

If you have a current financial planner – when is the last time you met with them? If you never have met with a financial planner but are curious to know what advice and direction they can offer please contact me for more information.

I can guarantee you that our financial planner is open and honest. He is trustworthy. He will give you sound and solid advice. And he has access to some of the best investment products on the market if you have the need.

Call me.

Gary Brown, Agent
(480) 659-0229

P.S. Just a disclaimer that I am not securities licensed and receive no compensation for recommending or referring our financial advisor. I only believe he is excellent in his field and trust him to help my clients.

P.S. S. Choice Insurance of Arizona provides NO investment advice, NO counseling and NO investment products. However, we highly recommend someone who does.

Gary Brown, Agent
(480) 659-0229