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Do you live in Arizona?

If yes, then you need auto or homeowner insurance. We are an Arizona insurance company offering low cost rates on auto, homeowner, life and business insurance. We represent a number of insurance carriers, such as The Hartford, MetLife, Kemper and Progressive among others. These insurance companies allow us to quote their product to our clients.

We are licensed and operate only in Arizona. However, we have clients throughout the United States and Canada. As long as you own a home here or keep a vehicle garaged here we can usually help you find low cost insurance rates.

You may find your insurance rates in Arizona higher than where you currently live or where you are from. Arizona is high among some negative categories, such as car thefts. But this is all the more reason to choose an Arizona insurance company that can shop and compare your rate. We do not offer just one quote. As an Arizona insurance company and broker we can shop with a number of carriers to help you save money.

Homeowner insurance is one of those products where people often forget to check their policy and premium. Most homeowners pay their insurance premium through their escrow. They never see it in the traditional sense. When you pay your monthly mortgage payment a piece of your payment (1/12) goes toward your future homeowner insurance premium.

But you should let your renewal be a time of verifying your coverage too – not just your premium. Is your home insured correctly? I have seen some home policies where the dwelling was woefully underinsured. While I don’t know the reason it is easy to wonder if another agent low balled the coverage to get the business. You don’t want to believe that happens but low balling coverage is not a good way of doing business.

Consumers, on the other hand, seem to routinely compare their auto insurance. Auto insurance premiums are usually higher than home insurance. But the auto insurance is paid directly by the consumer. That means an insured is more aware of what they pay for auto insurance versus home insurance. That’s ok. Let your renewals be a time to speak again with your Arizona insurance company or agent.

When you shop for auto insurance, homeowner insurance or life insurance get a quote from an Arizona insurance company that can compare rates with multiple carriers at one time.

Choice Insurance of Arizona is an independent insurance agent, broker and Arizona insurance company. We can offer insurance through top ranked and top rated insurance carriers like MetLife, Travelers, Hartford, Unitrin, Progressive and others.

Want to save up to 35% on your insurance? Can your current carrier offer you a savings over what you now pay? Well, we probably can but comparing rates with numerous companies at one time.

An Arizona insurance company can offer auto, homeowner and life insurance. But Choice Insurance of Arizona can offer your rate comparisons with up to 15 different companies at one time.

Why get a quote anywhere else? We can shop your insurance for you.

Get a quote today from the best Arizona insurance company – Choice Insurance of Arizona.