Google Insurance

You may have heard that Google entered the insurance market. Some insurance agents and carriers may be a bit nervous to see Goliath take a stab at our industry.

Yet, I don’t see that they are doing anything unique that is not already offered by a hundred others. They will ask for your information – name, address, vehicles, coverage, and driver information. They bought a company that has an insurance platform and offers insurance quotes through various providers. That is already being done by many companies and websites, including me. It’s nothing new.

Take our firm – Choice Insurance of Arizona, for instance. We shop and compare insurance with leading and top rated carriers like Progressive, Hartford, MetLife, Kemper, Badger Mutual, American Strategic and more.

So what is the difference between us and these companies selling insurance through a 1-800 phone number or internet?

Let me give you one very big difference – advice!

So many times I have worked with clients who bought insurance over the phone or through the internet and was shocked to see the basic limits they carry. You see, clients almost always focus on one thing – price. That’s because most of the TV advertising attracts you by promising to save you money.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to save you money too. But my concern for you is more than just the premium. If I help you with insurance but do not help you properly protect yourself you may end up extremely unhappy if you are involved in a claim.

When it comes to insurance you better focus on price 2nd and your coverage 1st. Give me great coverage and THEN let’s see what your price is.

About six or seven years ago we were rear ended by a car that never hit their brakes. We were quite shaken up. Due to the impact behind us, our car hit the car ahead of us, which hit also the vehicle ahead of them. Guess who is responsible for all the damage to all four vehicles? You guessed it – the car that rear ended us initially

Last year a client rear ended someone and caused a 4 car chain accident. Our client is responsible. Fortunately, they have me as their insurance agent and have good coverage on their insurance policy. Their policy will take care of all the damage and injuries.

Now, this is not to say a client will not insist on carrying low coverage limits against my advice. It happens. Maybe due to restrictive finances they feel they must carry low limits to save every dollar they can. It happens. But I always advise against carrying low coverage limits.

But what would have happened if that same client had bought online or through the internet? The chances are they would have been sold price first and coverage second. And that would have left them personally dealing with a very difficult financial situation.

Do yourself a favor. Call me and let me help you with your insurance. I promise to talk with you about your coverage and protecting yourself AND shop around for the best price we can find with our carriers.

Gary Brown, Insurance Agent & Broker
(480) 659-0229