Finding the Best Rate on Your Insurance

There must be thousands of various advertisements stating that different insurance carriers have the lowest rate.

But how do you know which carriers will offer you a great rate?

Well, you can pick up the phone and call a bunch of companies yourself, which requires alot of time and patience.

But that’s exactly what independent insurance agents do on a local level. As an independent insurance agent and broker we compare Arizona auto insurance and Arizona homeowner insurance with leading and top rated carriers.

We offer the best of both worlds.

As an Arizona insurance broker our company saves you alot of time because you do not have to spend hours on the phone. And very often you can cut your insurance costs by alot too. One insurance company reported that a client turned in a theft claim on their renters insurance policy. Apparently every piece of furniture was taken while the insured was out of town.

The claims rep assigned to the case went to the apartment to interview the insured. The insured reported stolen living room furniture, big screen TV, book cases, bedroom furniture, computer desk and more.

The claims rep noticed the carpet looked new. He also noticed that nowhere did the carpet have a single indentation, which you would expect from an apartment full of furniture.

The claim was denied, to my knowledge. Unfortunately, fraud causes rates to increase for the rest of us when they are not caught.
We buy insurance for that unfortunate day when something happens in our vehicle or with our home. Trust me, I have experienced both. In the past ten years I have been rear ended twice, my daughter rear ended once. Our home had a water leak several years ago.

The insurance carriers did what they promised they would do – fix the damages.

What I always hope my clients will do is contact me if they ever have a doubt about whether they should file a claim. Every one of us has a deductible. If the damages to your vehicle are less than your deductible it is a moot point about whether you should file a claim. What if the damages to your vehicle are only slightly higher than your deductible?

Also recently, a client had two separate homeowner claims both during 2010. Now normally, insurance carriers do not raise your individual home premium due to claims. However, they can do something even more drastic. As a result of this client’s two homeowner claims within a 5 year period their insurance carrier is non-renewing their policy.

Some claims are no-brainers. You file the claim. Particularly when the damages far exceed your deductible.

Some claims you may be better served discussing with your insurance agent. If a small claim perhaps you are better served fixing that yourself? If you have a $1000 deductible and the damages are $1150 do you want $150 affecting your premiums or risk your policy being cancelled?

If you are a business owner please contact us for Arizona business insurance. We can shop your business insurance with several carriers to help you pay less. Business insurance can be confusing but if you take the time to shop it you can find some really good savings.

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Gary Brown, Agent/Owner