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Please Be Careful When Riding

The following statistics are provided by a 2001 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

1) Single vehicle motorcycle crashes account for about 45% of all fatalities. Less than 50% of these fatalities were wearing a helmet. Head injury is the leading cause of death. High blood alcohol levels are also playing a greater role in motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist is 16 times more likely to die in a crash than an occupant of an automobile involved in a crash.

2) 41% of fatalities involved motorcyclists who were speeding.

3) Almost 60% of fatalities occur at night.

4) Half the fatalities involved a motorcyclist trying to negotiate a curve in the road.

If we combine the information – motorcyclists who:

1) do not wear a helmet,
2) speed while
3) driving at night,
4) under the influence of alcohol
are more likely to die in a motorcycle crash.

Your Motorcycle Policy

As far as Arizona motorcycle insurance, you are required to carry at least liability, which covers the other party if you are at-fault in an accident. One of the most important coverage for a motorcyclist is medical. Unlike an automobile, which surrounds its occupants and has seat belts and maybe even airbags, you are extremely vulnerable on a bike. Medical coverage also extends to a passenger, another valuable reason why you should have decent medical coverage.

It is advisable to ask your health insurance carrier if they would deny coverage for injuries suffered from motorcycling.

Also consider (UM) Uninsured and (UIM) Under-insured Motorist coverage. UM gives you coverage for injuries in the event someone else hits you and does not have Arizona motorcycle insurance. UIM means the other party who is at-fault does have some liability insurance but not enough to cover your injuries. UIM kicks in over and above the other person’s policy.

Just as on an Arizona auto policy, collision covers your bike if it is involved in a claim while moving. Comprehensive covers your bike for non-moving claims, such as theft. On a bike policy consider a lower deductible. Very often, the cost for a lower deductible is not that much different from a high deductible.

Many Arizona motorcycle insurance policies increase the premiums on bikes for anything over 600 cc’s, or for racing type bikes.

Also consider Uninsured and Under-insured Motorist coverage. Get a motorcycle insurance quote today!. We have the ability to shop around for a low rate.