Arizona Life Insurance

Why buy life insurance?

For most of us we buy life insurance to provide money to those we leave behind. Life insurance has a myriad of potential uses.

If you die, Arizona life insurance can help your surviving family:

a) Pay off a home

b) Provide a monthly income to replace the paycheck your family loses when you die. Did you know that you can set your life insurance policy to pay your beneficiary a monthly or annual payment, instead of lump sum?

c) Pay for kids to go to college

d) Set aside an emergency fund to cover major expenses like car repairs or a broken air conditioning unit

e) Pay off all family debt, like credit cards or car loans

The Bills We Leave Behind

A friend of ours had a death in the family. The person who died had no life insurance. The family had to do a fundraiser (or several) to pay the funeral costs. Isn’t that a terrible legacy to leave behind? Keep in mind that when you die your family is left with 100% of the same debt & bills, yet they lose 100% of your income.

When is the best time to buy Arizona life insurance?

The answer – today! You may be in the best health today compared to what often happens to our health as we age. As we get older it is common for health issues to occur, like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Those are minor compared to issues like diabetes, stroke and cancer.

Buy life insurance today and do not wait until you have health issues which could cause you to pay much higher premiums or not qualify at all. You never know what tomorrow brings. You may be in excellent health today but tomorrow may be different.

Unfortunately, we have received phone calls over the years from clients who returned from the doctors office with bad health news. It was sad to inform them we cannot offer life insurance coverage with their current health conditions.

How Much Do Life Insurance Plans Cost?

Life insurance is always based on at least two major factors – age & health, and sometimes other factors such as occupation, travel and family history. You may not be able to predict your future health but you know a birthday comes around every single year. If you wait for that next birthday, your life insurance may cost more.

If you want to pay the least amount for your life insurance, get a quote now. You can lock in an Arizona life insurance rate at your age today. Some life insurance plans lock in a rate for 10 years. 20 years, 30 years or even to age 120. Our life insurance specialists can help determine which plans best fits your situation and needs.

Plus, we shop and compare Arizona life insurance with up to 40 different top rated, top ranked life insurance carriers to find you the BEST rates. Some of these carriers include: MetLife, Prudential, West Coast Life, Genworth and many, many more!

Remember, for a limited time only you can receive a free* $10 Starbucks gift card just for receiving a quote. There is no obligation to buy but you must speak with one of our Arizona life insurance specialists about your quote to receive the free gift card.

***free offer does not apply to those who are uninsurable or over the age of 69