Arizona Insurance Broker

Have you ever purchased insurance from an Arizona insurance broker before? It might sound scary buying from a “broker”? But if you have ever bought a home you likely used a real estate broker and a mortgage broker. These brokers simply shop around to find the best home and mortgage loan for you. We do the same for you with your insurance.

Some of the insurance carriers we do business with have been in business for fifty or even a hundred years! You probably can pay LESS and save MORE money by using an Arizona insurance broker, like Choice Insurance of Arizona.

Helping Clients Since 1993

My name is Gary Brown, owner of Choice Insurance of Arizona. I have been a licensed Arizona insurance agent since 1993 and have helped hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years. In 2007, I formed my own Arizona insurance broker company so that we can shop and compare insurance for our clients with a multitude of insurance carriers.

We carry an “A” rating from the Arizona Better Business Bureau!

Why Buy Your Insurance Through a Broker?

As an Arizona insurance broker, we can compare insurance with nationally known and recognized carriers such at AAA, Travelers, The Hartford, Progressive, Infinity, Unitrin, Foremost and many others.

We also provide insurance through many lesser known companies who are top rated and offer great rates but may not be familiar to you. Buying insurance through an Arizona insurance broker is actually quite the same as buying a home or getting a mortgage – we are shop and compare your rates with many companies.

Some insurance agents and companies can only give you one rate. Not us, we have many carriers at our disposal to help you save money. Why should you spend hours and hours on the telephone calling all these companies when we can do the same for you with ONE phone call. Our service is free to the consumer. We are compensated by the insurance company.

Auto Insurance and Homeowner Insurance Broker

There is no obligation to get a quote on your auto insurance and homeowner insurance. We can help you save money on your auto insurance and homeowner insurance by looking at many carriers to see who has the better rates. We work for you, not the insurance company. While we are compensated by the insurance carriers our first goal is to help you find a policy that is less and saves you money.

Be sure to ask about your coverage. We do not want you fixed only on the premium because if you have a claim you will not care about your premium as much as how well your policy protects you. Some clients simply want to carry the exact same coverage they have or had with their prior carrier, and that is fine. However, we encourage you to allow us the opportunity to speak with you about your coverage limits. We want you well protected.

Life Insurance Broker

There are dozens and dozens of life insurance companies offering very competitive rates. We compare with upwards of fifty different Arizona life insurance companies to find you the lowest rate available. We also will help you design a plan that fits into your budget. There are different types of life insurance available – term, whole life and universal life.

Which Life Insurance Plan is Best?

All of the life insurance plans can serve your needs – but they all have differences and utilizing them to your best purpose and cost is what you want to accomplish. We can help. Have a tight budget? Let us help you design a plan that fits what you are able to spend? Want a life insurance plan that will cover all your needs for the rest of your life? We can help you design a plan to accomplish both needs.

Boost Your Retirement Income

And for our retired clients we can help you increase your retirement income through our Lifetime Income Annuity. This investment has no risk because your monies are not invested in the market. We place your monies with the insurance company, who in turn provides you with a lifetime income that will never decrease. There is also no fees associated with this product.

Call me. We try harder to save you money and provide exceptional customer service. You are like family. I hope you give us an opportunity to help you with your insurance.

We provide Canadian Insurance in Arizona because there are so many winter visitors here from Canada. Our neighbors to the north provide a much needed influx of capital to our state. They are crucial to the success our state because of the money they spend. But even more than that, our Canadian visitors cause little trouble, pay cash, spend money, and make great neighbors here.

Gary Brown, Agent/Owner
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