Arizona Insurance Broker

When you shop for insurance, who do you call for a quote? Usually, most people call the companies they see advertising on television. Many of those insurance companies advertising on television only offer and sell their own product. They do not shop around for you. They do not compare rates with other companies to find the best price for you. We have a suggestion – contact an Arizona Insurance Broker!

You Use a Real Estate Broker & Mortgage Broker

When you buy a home and apply for a loan the chances are you hired a real estate broker and a mortgage broker. Both of these professionals shopped around with numerous providers to find you the best home and best mortgage loan for you. That is what we do as an Arizona insurance broker – shop around to find a better deal for you with a good company.

As an Arizona Insurance Broker, we work with numerous auto, home, life and business insurance carriers to help our clients find insurance for LESS and maintain lower insurance prices. These carriers include Progressive, The Hartford, MetLife, Kemper, AAA, Travelers and many others.

Do you own a motorcycle? Contact us for an Arizona motorcycle insurance quote. We shop our Arizona motorcycle insurance with Progressive Insurance Company.

Do you own a boat? Let us help you find a low rate on your Arizona boat insurance. We shop our boat insurance with Progressive and a few other carriers to help you save money. Arizona boat insurance is usually very reasonable. We would love to help you find a good rate for your boat.

Many people own boats in Arizona. It’s one of the best sports around and a great recreational activity. Arizona has several lakes to enjoy for boating, swimming, fishing and more.

Are you looking for an Arizona life insurance policy to protect your family in the event of your death? Life insurance is a great way to ensure your loved ones can be taken care of financially. When a death occurs it is extremely stressful. Matter of fact, studies show it to be the most stressful period a human being will go through. Don’t put your loved ones through more stress by leaving them financially strapped. Get Arizona life insurance and contact us today for a quote.

Some clients own homes in a flood zone. If you are told you need Arizona flood insurance please call me. It’s a uniform program and all agents will provide you the same quote.

Are you concerned about being sued? Then maybe you need to consider purchasing Arizona umbrella insurance to help give you more peace of mind. This coverage extends blanket coverage protection over and above your auto and homeowner insurance policies. Coverage usually begins at one million dollars.

Clients sometimes are concerned about being sued and the potential of losing savings and retirement monies. An Arizona umbrella insurance policy can help you. Call me for a quote!

What Happens When Insurance Rates Rise?

What happens if your current insurance carrier raises rates? You have to spend all your time shopping around yet again. Insurance rates rise and fall due to various factors. Obviously, your insurance agent or broker has no control over premium costs. However, as an Arizona insurance broker we certainly can shop and reshop your insurance to help you pay LESS if your rates go up.

Our Service is Free

Just like any other Arizona insurance company, agent or broker, we are compensated by the insurance carriers when we bring clients to them. Our service is free to you, the consumer. You can hire us to shop your insurance and pay nothing directly to us for our services. This means our goal is to find you the lowest rates we can with the best company available to us.

But long term we know that you will only stay with us if we provide good prices and good service. That is why we work hard to do both.

We do the insurance shopping for you to help you pay LESS.

Try us – an Arizona Insurance Broker. We are very much like your real estate broker and mortgage broker. We represent lots of top rated and top ranked insurance companies. Want to save money on your auto, home, life or business insurance? We can help. Want to receive great customer service? That’s what we strive to provide.

If you are still curious to understand what is an Arizona insurance broker this article will help you tremendously.

Why wait? Call us for a quote at (480) 659-0229. Or complete our quote request form today!
Gary Brown, Agent/Owner