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Independent Insurance Agent

What is an independent insurance agent?

First of all, let’s discuss the types of insurance agents you are most familiar with. There are captive insurance agents. These agents work for companies such as Farmers, State Farm, and American Family. They have their own insurance products and generally can only offer their clients whatever products are allowed by their carrier. Captive insurance carriers hire their own agents to represent and sell their products. A captive carrier may own more than one company and their agents may have some flexibility in offering products but they usually are more limited that an independent agent.

There are direct writers, such as Geico. To our knowledge you can primarily buy insurance from this company over the internet or an 1-800 number. They are a good carrier with a good rating. There is nothing wrong with direct writers. However, you are limited to whatever they can offer. One of my issues with buying insurance from a strict direct writer is not knowing how well trained and experienced the customer service representative is on the other end of the phone. Do they truly know and understand the inner workings of insurance and how it can or may affect a consumer. Also, when you call in for assistance it is likely you will or may talk to someone different. It might be hard to develop a trusting relationship when you deal with different people. A direct writer would no doubt say that their agents and customer service reps are well trained – and we have no reason to doubt that. I am only expressing my personal opinion or preference.

Then there are your insurance brokers and independent insurance agents. These are usually one and the same but I suppose you may find some differences between the two.

Captive companies and direct writers dominate advertising

What you normally see on television are advertisements by big companies like State Farm, Farmers, Allstate, Geico. These are all good companies. But they are captive or direct writers. They are unable to shop and compare your insurance with competing companies like an independent insurance agent can.

The insurance companies that typically spend the most amount of money in advertising are carriers like Geico, Farmers and State Farm. They are good companies and have great name recognition due to all that advertising, but they only offer their own rates and quotes. These companies do not shop around with competitors like we can to see if there are better rates out there for you.

Why use an independent insurance agent?

An Arizona independent insurance agent is able to shop around on your behalf to find the best rates through different carriers like MetLife, Hartford, Progressive, AAA, Travelers, Unitrin and many others. I have been employed by a captive insurance agency for about 7 years. I have also been an independent insurance agent for over 6 years. My experience has led me to believe that buying insurance through an independent insurance agent is better.

Would you prefer to deal with a company that only offers one rate or perhaps only a few? Or would you rather work with an Arizona independent insurance agent who can shop around with numerous companies to see if there are better auto insurance or homeowner insurance prices for you.

We shop around to find good rates on auto insurance, homeowner insurance and term life insurance with multiple carriers for you.

The other great thing about an independent insurance agent is this – they can help almost anyone. If you have a clean driving record, great. If you have a ticket, accident or DUI on your driving record, we probably can still help you find a competitive rate. We can even help someone who is without insurance currently. Some insurance companies price you out if you have a less than stellar driving record. We have carriers for almost any situation.

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