Tornado Losses and False Alarms

The midwest and southern U.S. were hit hard by storms and tornados. Damages are believed to be at least one billion dollars and maybe even as high as two billion.

On March 2, scattered throughout the United States, there were 107 reported tornados in a single day. 272 tornados are counted thus far in 2012.

In 2011 damages resulting from storms and tornados totalled $25 billion.


About 41,000 single family homes were foreclosed on in Maricopa County in 2009, which was an all-time Arizona high. This was a 31% increase from 2008.

Foreclosures accounted for about 35% of all existing home transactions.

Home re-sales were up. December totals were 5,740 homes sold versus 5,350 in November. Those numbers are all very respectible but unfortunately it is for a rather negative reason – lots of foreclosures.

False Alarms

A study found that alarm calls in Mesa are the third most common type of police service call. The problem is that many of those are false alarms. 98% of security activations were deemed false alarms.

In the previous fiscal year Mesa logged 11,247 alarm activations but only 229 were valid. The estimated cost was $654,310.

The city could fine homeowners for false alarms if they received an alarm permit from police. Those who did not were not fined.

That was a loophole that has now been closed.

If you have an alarm that triggers a false alarm you can be fined $50 for your first offense. That sum rises to $400 for repeat offenders.