Minimizing those Pesky Allergies

As the weather heats up sometimes so does the heavy air in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Hotter weather tends to keep the pollution within the valley. Some of you are already battling allergies and the pollution only worsens your conditions.

Here are some ideas and tips I hope you find useful.

Even considering our valley pollution, INDOOR air is usually 2 to 5 times more polluted that OUTDOOR air. Surprised?

Dust mites – pesky things lingering around pillows, bedding and curtains. They are also found on fans, in your fireplace and on upholstery. Dust Mites love humidity, which gets worse here as the weather heats up. Consider putting a de-humidifier in your home during those peak months.

Washing bedding on a regular basis on high heat can help keep Dust Mites from making a permanent home. Yet, often they find their way inside your pillow and mattress. Buying pillow cases and mattress covers that cannot be penetrated by Dust Mites is another good idea.


One website suggests that 10-15% of the population is allergic to animals, with cat allergies causing twice as much trouble as dogs. Be sure to keep your animals off your bedding.

The Sticker Shock of Term Life Insurance

Do you own term life insurance? It would be very surprising if you do not. Most life insurance today is term.

Term life insurance advertisements – you have seen them on television promoting $12 buck a month or whatever for $250,000. Are they a good deal?

On the surface term life insurance sounds like a great bargain. You pay a measily $12 a month and if you die your family will receive a lump sum of money. The trouble is that term life insurance rarely pays out.

Premiums for term life insurance begin low and slowly go up. Some lock a premium for 10 years, 20 years or even 30 years if you apply at a younger age. These are tricky policies because they lure you into low rates and when the rate guarantee is over your premium can skyrocket.

For example, a person who qualified for a term life policy for $15 a month for ten years may see their premium jump in year 11 to $50+ a month or more. While I don’t have the exact figures the point is that relying on term life insurance is dangerous.

If you keep your term insurance into your 50’s or 60’s you will face a harsh reality when premiums become expensive.

The Solution?

Buy permanent life insurance. You don’t have to buy 100% permanent life insurance but at least have a little portion of your life insurance in something other than term.