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If you live in zip code 85202 and want Low Cost Auto or Homeowner Insurance, please let us help.

85202 is a rectangular shaped zip code stretching from Price Road to Alma School Road. And from Guadalupe Road to Broadway Road. But for many people this area is mostly known for Dobson Ranch – a collection of about four thousand homes, town homes and condos.


The area was developed in the mid 1970’s to the mid 1980’s. Continental homes bought the land that is now known as Dobson Ranch. It was once a cattle ranch with thousands of head. Dobson Road was named after the owners. In the area is a high school, junior high and a few elementary schools. Located in the center of 85202 is a mall that once dominated the shopping scene – Fiesta Mall. Today, other newer malls have drawn much of the shopping dollar away from this icon.

U.S 60 runs directly through 85202. Also known as the Superstition Freeway, the US 60 was developed slowly as the population grew. Up to the 1980’s it stretched only to Power Road. Over the years, the State of Arizona has widened the road. This has helped the growing population of the east valley.

85202 is comprised of single family dwellings, condos, town homes and apartments. Whether you seek low cost insurance in 85202 for a property you own or rent, we can help.

Our Company

Our firm represents an array of leading and top ranked regional and national insurance carriers, such as MetLife, The Hartford, Kemper, Infinity, Badger Mutual, Mapfre and more.

Whether you want 85202 homeowner insurance, 85202 auto insurance or renters insurance let us help. We can also assist if you own a toy – boat, ATV, golf cart or motorcycle.

How much does homeowner insurance in 85202 cost? Well, it depends on what you are insuring and how much insurance you want. If you want to insure a single family dwelling in the 2,000 square foot range you might pay $600-$800 per year approximately. Of course, you always have to know there are many factors and criteria that insurance carriers use. This is only a sample range.

We save people money

We are not locked into one carrier like some other agents. We can compare rates with numerous top ranked and top rated insurance carriers to help you pay less. Our goal is to help clients save up to 15% – 30%. But just as important, we want to help you select the right coverage so that you and your family is adequately protected.

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