Homeowner Insurance Renewing?

It is no fun to shop for insurance, whether it is auto, home, life or health. At least that is the impression people seem to have when they call or email me. It means giving the same information over and over again to people you do not know and then waiting for a quote that you hope is competitive and coverage that is right.

But it is more than that? These new people are strangers and you do not know if they give good service or will forget you once you become a client. Is their quote accurate? Are they short changing your coverage just to get your business?

At Choice Insurance of Arizona, all you have to do is ask us to re-shop your Arizona homeowner insurance and we can compare rates for you with a number of top quality carriers. No longer do you have to make a dozen phone calls to different people you do not know. Plus, we ensure your policy has the right coverage.

We use a program that tells us how much your home should be insured based on current rebuild factors. We provide either a $500 or $1000 deductible to ensure that is affordable in case you have a claim. We quote you the highest liability and medical protection offered by the homeowner insurance policy to protect you in the event of a claim. The carriers we use are highly rated by AM Best. These are Arizona homeowner insurance carriers we have a lot of experience with and trust.

If we place you with one carrier and that carrier raises their rates in the future – we will re-shop for you. You do not have to make more than one phone call or email – to me.

Our clients come to trust our service and advice because we always try to do what is in your best interest.

There have been times where people have contacted us for a quote and were upfront that they already had another quote. However, our coverage ended up being substantially higher, causing our premium to be a little higher as well. Keep in mind that we will not short cut your coverage just to get your business.

If you have a claim, especially a major claim, you want and expect to have the right and proper coverage. That is our goal. What good does it do if you save a little money but are under-insured?

Let us become your trusted Arizona homeowner insurance advisor. You will be happy with our service and price.

Gary Brown, Agent/Broker
(480) 659-0229