Gun Insurance?

The District of Columbia is considering legislation requiring gun owners to buy liability insurance. I assume they mean something along the lines of an umbrella liability policy, which gives others coverage if damaged or injured by you in some way.

Other states are considering or actually passing gun legislation that is unique and never before tried. The Florida Governor signed 5 gun measures into law which has received great support from gun organizations. Read the article to decide for yourself if the new laws make sense. It seems voters in Florida approve.

Umbrella liability insurance coverage can kick in over and above your homeowner and auto insurance policies – a high incident, big claim type policy.

Will politicians also require thugs, thieves and criminals to buy insurance too? I digress, sorry!

The guns insurance legislation that was proposed by Democratic Councilwoman Mary Cheh would not cover legal acts involving your weapon, such as a self defense situation. But it would instead target negligent or willful acts by the gun owner or, I assume, someone else using your weapon with or without your permission.

Washington DC already possesses some of the toughest gun laws in the nation but other states are catching up.

California, Maryland and New York have discussed passing similar gun insurance legislation but none have actually done so yet.

Is this insurance?

Insurance is designed to cover you against accidents and un-intentional acts —– not illegal or intentional acts as this gun legislation would do. It’s kind of a total reverse of what insurance is designed to cover.

For example, your homeowner policy will protect you if your house burns down in a fire. But it is not designed to protect you if you burn your own house down as you cannot insure it against arson.

In other news, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed legislation just last week that makes Maryland one of the toughest states on gun control. The newly passed legislation bans 45 types of assault weapons. Magazine capacity was also reduced from 20 rounds to 10. Connecticut and New York have also passed recent gun measures similar to Maryland. A Washington Post poll suggests that 85% of Terps support the legislation.

What do you think about gun insurance?

What do you think about banning assault weapons?