Arizona Homeowner Insurance

Do you OWN a home or condo or are you BUYING a home or condo?

Everyone wants to receive great homeowner insurance at a great price. There is one person who can help ensure you receive both – an Arizona homeowner insurance broker such as Choice Insurance of Arizona.

What is a Homeowner Insurance Broker?

We have many different insurance companies that we do business with – Progressive, MetLife, The Hartford, Fidelity, AAA, Travelers, American Strategic, Universal Insurance and others. It allows us to shop your auto and ARIZONA HOMEOWNER INSURANCE with any one of our homeowner insurance carriers.

Yes – Price is Important

We look for every way possible to get you the best price possible. We begin by comparing your Arizona homeowner insurance with our top rated carriers. That allows us to see which carriers have the lowest rates. We also will try and ensure we do not over-insure your home. While it is important that we insure your home for full replacement (in event of a total loss) we also do not want you overpaying for coverage you do not need.

Our insurance carriers also have different deductibles available. Most have deductibles ranging from $250, $500 to $1000 or higher. We often recommend carrying a higher deductible. This helps ensure you do not file small claims that stay on your record for the next 3-5 years. But the biggest reason is a higher deductible lowers your premium.

The Extras You Need or Do Not Need

Arizona homeowner insurance policies are not the catch-all for every claim. Take jewelry for example. Most insurance policies have limitations on how much coverage the carrier automatically provides for jewelry – often $1500 as a maximum. If you own jewelry above and beyond this amount we have to “schedule” your jewelry items and add them to the policy as an endorsement.

Water Back Up is usually not covered. This means water that enters your home from outside, such as a pipe clogging and water overflowing from a toilet or sink. Don’t worry – water pipes inside the home that break and cause damage are usually covered. Water Back Up is not for everyone or every situation.

Ask your agent about any potential items that are not covered under your policy automatically and discuss any potential gaps in coverage.


Flood damages are not covered. If you live in a flood zone or feel you need to have flood insurance we write this coverage through the National Flood Service – a federal program. Most homeowners in Arizona do not have to worry about this. If your home is located in a flood zone you likely were told this when you bought your home. That information should have been disclosed to you.

Do not confuse flood damage to water damage that occurs in other ways. If mother nature causes damage to your roof and water got inside your home this is likely covered. If a pipe to your sink, dish washer, clothes washer or toilet breaks and water damage occurs inside your home – this likely is covered.


Sorry, no. Earthquake coverage is not automatically provided under your Arizona homeowner insurance policy. Some carriers do offer this as an endorsement that you can pay extra for if you want.

How is Condo Insurance Different

Condo insurance has a few nuances that are different from Arizona homeowner insurance on a single family dwelling. For example, condo’s usually have an association insurance policy that covers the roof and walls. Your condo insurance would need to cover everything from the drywall inside, excluding the walls and roof.

Ask us for a quote on your Arizona homeowner insurance. We probably can save you money, give you great coverage and insure you with a top rated, top ranked insurance carrier.

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