Arizona Fixed Annuity

Fixed annuities are generally bought from insurance companies. For some reason annuities have a less than stellar reputation. Yet, they are one of the most reliable investment products you can purchase.

Here is how they work, generally. You invest a lump sum of money in the insurance company’s care and in return they provide you a fixed interest rate (rates can vary, call or email for a quote). The money inside an annuity is usually tax deferred.

A fixed annuity is considered a safe, low-risk investment, even though they are not insured by the federal government. They are backed by the insurance company. That is the main reason we only offer Arizona fixed annuities from companies that are considered top ranked and top rated. This is no guarantee by any means but what money is guaranteed these days? You can invest in CD’s but they hardly pay a rate of return today (as of this writing).

A fixed annuity is usually best for longer term savings horizon. However, they can have their uses for a retiree – particularly an immediate annuity. If you likely will need access to the money or have it liquid, you may be better served with a different savings product. The interest rate on an Arizona fixed annuity is set for the first year, but can vary in subsequent years. However, Arizona fixed annuity companies company usually provide a minimum, guaranteed interest rate.

After your initial contract year with a fixed annuity you can usually withdraw up to 10% penalty free. But you are also allowed to annuitize the contract, meaning you can elect to take monthly payments. There are various options when electing to annuitize. Ask us for details.

Annuities are great for those who seek a monthly income, with minimal risk. These are called an immediate annuity. These can be ideal if you have money you don’t mind tying up in return for a safe and secure monthly check from the insurance company.

Are you wondering whether your money is safer with a bank or insurance company? Consider this, during 2008 there were approximately 15 banks that failed while no insurance companies failed.

A fixed annuity in Arizona offers you the ability to keep the money inside the contract and build your nest egg. Or you can withdraw up to 10% per year after the initial contract year. Or you can take monthly payments if you want to annuitize it. An Arizona fixed annuity has many options.

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