Arizona Dental Insurance

Which is better – Arizona Dental Insurance or Arizona Dental Membership Plan

We offer an Arizona Dental Membership Plan that can reduce your dental bills by up to 50% and is very inexpensive to purchase (see costs below). This Arizona dental plan is not insurance, yet amazingly can lower your Arizona dental costs more than typical Arizona dental insurance.

Here are the low costs of OUR Arizona Dental Plan:

Individual: $68 per year
Two family members: $105 per year

Three family members: $145 per year

Everyone should receive a dental cleaning once or twice each year. To do so can dramatically decrease the number of dental expenses you may incur. However, even if you receive the normal and proper dental care you still may find yourself faced with an assortment of dental problems and paying the high dental prices to fix those issues.

Our Arizona Dental Plan has:

  • NO deductible
  • LOWER premiums than typical Arizona dental insurance
  • NO annual maximum on how much of the services you can use
  • NO limits on Pre-Existing Conditions (they are OK)
  • NO waiting period. Benefits begin immediately
  • Savings of up to 50% or more on dental costs

When you are searching for Arizona Dental Insurance coverage or an Arizona Dental Plan to help offset those high dental costs, you should ask us about an Arizona Dental Plan we offer that rivals the typical Arizona Dental Insurance plan.

The typical Arizona Dental Insurance plan contains a deductible, higher premiums and an annual maximum on how much benefits you can receive. Our Arizona dental plan does not.

Arizona Dental Insurance is typically offered through many larger corporations. Yet, there are some statistics to show that the Arizona Dental Plan offered by us may actually save you more money while costing less.

How much can our Arizona Dental Plan save you?

Dental Service Usual Dental Fee Your Cost Your Savings
Exam $60 $15 $45
Full Mouth X-Rays $101 $30 $71
Adult Cleaning $91 $32 $59
While Filling $175 $122 $53
Savings = 54% $427 $199 $228

Want an Arizona Dental Plan for you or your family? Contact us today to sign up and cut your dental bills by up to 50%. This just may be the BEST Arizona dental plan you may ever find.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Gary Brown, Owner
(480) 659-0229