Tips for Buying Auto Insurance

We recommend the following when you are searching for new auto insurance rates.

Profile Matters

Remember that insurance carriers all have a perfect client in mind. Insurance companies do not want to be all things to all people (for the most part). They know a certain client is profitable and other clients are not. For example, a married couple with great credit who drive boring vehicles may be an ideal client. They are mature, with driving experience and the good credit shows they pay their bills on time. Another client may be a single male who drives a sporty BMW. This person may drive later at night by virtue of their age and marital status. Statistics show a person who driver later in the evening is more likely to have accidents or speeding tickets. Each client has insurance carriers that cater to them and an insurance broker can help you find the right carrier for you at the best price. As your insurance broker we can help place you with a carrier that fits your profile.


On my personal vehicles we do not have the identical deductibles on all vehicles. Some vehicles may show very little premium increase when you go from a 1000 deductible to 500. Other vehicles may show a significant decrease when you go from 500 deductibles to 1000. Have your agent play around with the deductibles to see where the best value is for your policy. It might make sense to have 1000 deductible on one vehicle and 250 deductible on another, if the premium difference is insignificant.

Uninsured Motorist & Underinsured Motorist

These optional coverage are worth considering. Statistically, there are about 1 in 5 or 1 in 4 drivers who have no insurance. That means if an uninsured driver hits you there would be no coverage for injuries to you or passengers. Adding these two addtional, optional items does not usually add alot of premium to your bottom line.

Remember Renewal Time

Just because you currently do not have glass coverage, towing, medical or car rental does not mean you should not talk with your agent about these items at each renewal. Often times clients think they have these items but do not because they purchased insurance with the intention of adding these coverage later. Let your renewal notice be the time when you place a call to your agent to talk about what your policy has or does not have, and what you may want to add or subtract from your coverage.