Take Advantage of Your Great Credit Score

Most consumers are probably unaware that your credit score affects your auto and homeowner insurance premiums. At least, with most insurance carriers today.

Insurance carriers have discovered that there is a correlation between your credit and your likelihood of having an insurance claim. That’s what their independent studies reveal, anyway.

Here are three ways you can put your great credit score to good use.

1) Call Choice Insurance of Arizona at 480-659-0229 for a car insurance quote. Several of our carriers offer really good rates for those with good to great credit. Keep in mind, your insurance premium is also based on your age, zip code, driving record and a few other items.

2) Negotiate with creditors or credit card companies for a lower interest rate.

3) Refinance your existing loans or get a quote to refinance and see if you can lower your rate. Why pay more interest than you need to.