Pay Less for your Auto Insurance

Do you want to pay LESS for your Arizona auto insurance?

Choice Insurance of Arizona is an Arizona auto insurance broker! An Arizona auto insurance broker simply means we can shop your auto insurance with many different insurance carriers to help you find low rates on your Arizona auto insurance.

An insurance broker shops and compares auto insurance with many carriers to help you find low rates. We are not locked into just one carrier, as so many other insurance agents and companies. If you want to pay LESS, let an Arizona auto insurance broker help you compare rates.

If you have never tried buying insurance from an Arizona auto insurance broker before it is perhaps the easiest and most efficient way to buy insurance. You make one phone call and we do the rest. Our goal is to make your insurance-buying experience a positive one.

Save Money

We compare your Arizona auto insurance with top ranked and leading carriers, such as Progressive, MetLfe, Travelers, AAA, The Hartford, Badger Mutual, Infinity, Mapfre and many others. Our goal is to save you money but also to ensure you are protected by a top rated company. We have helped some clients save a few hundred dollars per year while other clients have saved substantially more.

You do not pay extra with an Arizona auto insurance broker! Our service is free to the consumer since the insurance carrier compensates us. WE WORK FOR YOU! It does not matter to us which insurance carrier has the lowest rates – we will offer you the lowest rate we find.

Save Time

Why waste hours of your time making phone call after phone call? Let us do the auto insurance shopping for you? To do the insurance comparison we do you would have to dedicate an entire day to calling and getting quotes. Why waste your time? Let us do the shopping for you. We are automated and can compare rates with leading carriers quickly.

Old Fashioned Service

The world is fast paced and highly technical. Yet, we strive to provide you with old fashioned customer service. We actually answer our phone. Have you ever tried to call a national company and got the run-around from their phone prompts? It is tiresome. That’s why we believe in answering our phones and/or returning your call promptly.

If you ever receive our voice message we will call you back shortly. It simply means we are on the phone currently with another client. But we will not give you the run-around or spin your wheels with a frustrating voice message service.

Helpful Advice

We encourage you to ask us questions about your coverage. Just because your current or prior agent or company had placed certain coverage on your policy how do you know for certain those are the correct limits for you? Perhaps they are but we would certainly like to give you advice and councel if you are ok receiving it.

Our goal is to help you save money but also help ensure you are coverage correctly. What good is insurance if you do not have the right kind or right coverage? When you contact us be sure to ask us to explain each coverage item on your policy.


The best recommendation you can give us is the referrals of your friends. Insurance is a competitive field and we try hard to out-service our competitors by giving great service and helping our clients save money. If happy with how hard we work for you, please tell your friends or ask them if ok if we contacted them for a free quote.

Please contact us today for a quote! There is no obligation. We guarantee you will either save money or we will not. It’s that simple. I look forward to hearing from you.
Gary Brown, Agent/Owner
(480) 659-0229