Health Insurance or a Ford Fiesta?

The Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust combined their energies on a survey that found the cost of health insurance for a family of 4 now exceeds $15,000 per year.

That is enough money to buy a brand new Ford Fiesta.

The survey was conducted from January 2011 through May 2011.

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It is not a big secret that Democrats do not like Health Savings Accounts. One reason is likely that HSA’s keep some American’s independent and in charge of their health insurance destiny.

What is an HSA?

They are tax-deductible accounts you open at a bank and use the money only towards health care expenses. They must be combined with a catastrophic-type health insurance policy. In other words, for someone who does not care to have every nickel and dime covered by their health insurance a catastrophic-type policy that covers major health issues, combined with an HSA, is ideal.

The money in an HSA rolls over from year to year. It is a product that allows an individual to pay for their own health costs yet manage the money in a prudent manner. If you are using your own money to cover small health expenses are you going to run to the doctor for minor health issues? Doesn’t that scenario sound a situation that would likely lower health costs?? Indeed, it does.

Compare that with a person who has a comprehensive health plan with a low co-pay. We all know people who run to the doctor for every sniffle, flu-symptom and sneeze. That is their right as their health policy allows it. However, every visit to the doctor, hospital or emergency room costs money and sometimes big dollars.

If the Democrats really and truly wanted to do what is right for America and our citizens HSA’s would be on the table as something in the health industry that is right and needs to be kept.

As it appears, the Democrats want to scrap Health Savings Accounts and that is an ominous sign that everyone needs to understand clearly as to the direction they want to take us.

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

It is an insurance policy that pay the expenses relating to: home health care (if you are sick or hurt and someone has to come to your home to care for you), assisted living facility or nursing home.

If you do some basic research on how much a nursing home costs you will find it to be incredibly expensive – upwards of $70,000 or more per year, every year and much more in some parts of the country. How can a typical family afford to pay so much for nursing home care? The truth is – they cannot. The costs of a nursing home can cause a family to fall into bankruptcy.

Imagine saving money all your life only to lose it in a couple years due to the cost of long term care. Even the costs of home care or an assisted living facility is burdensome.

You may assume the government will take care of these costs for you. Yes, but only after you have spent all your money first. So you end up broke either way.

How can you combat the costs of nursing home related costs and help ensure you do not go broke paying for long term care? Simple – by purchasing a Long Term Care Insurance plan that covers those costs.

The Hyundai Corporation has issued a recall of their 2001 Sonata, which affects about 139,000 vehicles. A reported manufacturing defect in the steering column can potentially cause drivers to lose control while driving. According to Hyundai there have been no reports of accidents or injuries relating to this possible defect.

Every automaker has been ramping up their safety and quality control on the heels of the Toyota issues. Hyundai Motor America has reported U.S. sales are up 17%. The new Sonata has been selling extremely well this year.

Hyundai Sonata owners can call 888-327-4236 for more information.

Four years ago our family bought a brand new Hyundai Elantra, figuring it would cut gas costs and be a dependable and economic vehicle. Plus, Hyundai offered a 10 year warranty that we paid extra for. It covers the vehicle front to back for any repair with zero deductible up to one hundred thousand miles or ten years of driving.

And that explains Hyundai buyers in a nutshell, for the most part. It’s a car maker who has carved out a nice niche as a mid-lower end, affordable and dependable maker of small to midsized vehicles.

But it is the goal of Hyundai to be a major player in the luxury market too. Yet, they seem to have such a nice job defining themselves in the other categories that car buyers are sometimes having difficulty putting the Hyundai Genesis (and now the Equus) in the same class as Lexus, Mercedes and BMW.

Yet, if you compare features and quality you would have a hard time stating that Mercedes is a substantially better product, especially when you factor in cost. A Hyundai Equus sells for around $55,000. A Mercedes S550 sells for around $91,000. The Equus, which will be available for purchase in November 2010, includes back massagers, free Apple Ipod, 17 speaker surround sound system.

The company is hearing a chorus of critics claims their approach of not creating a brand new luxury car line is a failed approach. Many point to VW’s experiment in 2003 as an example when they introduced the Phaeton model.

Yet, one comment I hear regularly is how Hyundai is such a dependable model, even on a lower end vehicle like the Elantra. Perhaps consumers will come around to their luxury market, knowing the brand is far less expensive than many competitors, while offering some of the best quality.

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Buying Discontinued Vehicles

With news coming out that automotive manufacturers are permanently shutting down certain models it may be a great time for consumers to pick up a new vehicle at a substantially reduced price.

You may be able to pick up a Sky Roadster in the low 20’s, an Outlook Crossover in the mid 20’s, Toyota Matrix in the high teens, Chevy Colorado high teens, and more. Check your local dealerships for deals.

It is being reported that manufacturers may shutter as many as 50 different models. That should create a definite consumer advantage when you are price shopping.

Worried about the future availability of parts? More than likely parts will be readily available for most models for many years to come. As long as there is demand parts will be made for a vehicle.

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Leading all U.S. states by far, California is on a major push to install more than 5,000 charging stations in what they hope will be a successful drive to increase the number of electric cars on the roads.

Experts are watching carefully and with great interest.

California has created numerous incentives designed to boost electric car sales, such as generous rebates. The state is funneling some $200 million a year through 2015 into the low-emission vehicle market.

A California representative indicated the goal is to have, by 2014, over seven thousand all-electric vehicles and over 20,000 hybrids on the road.